Woman with voluminous, natural waves in her hair.
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Simple styles for healthy waves

#createyourstyle: In its new campaign, Schwarzkopf celebrates individuality and confidence – and encourages you to try new looks. Dull, damaged hair that hangs limply? No one wants that. Luckily, a few tricks are all you need to achieve volume and natural waves. We tell you how to care for and style damaged hair

Damaged hair without volume? No one wants that. But stressed hair has a tendency to hang limply and cling to the scalp. Thankfully, there are plenty of tricks to help create volume and waves. Wavy hair looks best if it appears natural. Before we get to styling tricks, here's a general tip: Strongly layered hair can look even more limp. Soft, subtle contours are better.

How to easily create healthy waves? Model Lara shows us in her video tutorial:

Care and styling tricks for healthy waves

Woman with soft waves in her hair.

Soft waves are easy to style and make hair look instantly healthier.

  1.  Hair damage begins when you wash. Use shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. These products are formulated to provide extra care for your hair.
  2. Braid your towel dry hair while kneading in a hazelnut-sized portion of hair mask. Open and shake your hair to distribute the product evenly. 
  3. After washing, but before blow drying, use a heat protection spray. It shields your hair against the damaging heat of styling tools.
  4. When blow drying, create volume at the roots. The easiest way to achieve this is with a round brush. Knead long hair while drying.
  5. Roll sections of hair onto the round brush and turn in towards the roots. Tip: You can also achieve soft waves with large curlers. Set them in wet hair and blow dry your hair or leave it to air dry.
  6. Finally, knead your hair with your fingers and shake your head upside down. To finish and set the look, use hairspray. Tip: Don't spray from above, but from below towards the roots, to avoid weighing down hair.
Woman blow drying wavy hair with a round brush.

Perfect styling tools for waves: Round brush and hair dryer.

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