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Hair trend 2018: Structured Rawness

Cool, wearable and authentic hairstyles that emphasise your personality are on trend for 2018! Hair expert Armin Morbach has created Schwarzkopf TrendLooks 2018, styles that are a perfect match for the campaign slogan #createyourstyle. This one was designed to be worn every day: TrendLook Structured Rawness – an uncomplicated style that radiates confidence

Structured, beachy waves or slicked-back strands – “Structured Rawness“ is an every day style that always works. “Structured Rawness is a look you'll often see on Instagram. It's popular because it's uncomplicated, but never boring“, says star stylist Armin Morbach. Soft waves and structured hair work as seaside style, party look, and even at the office – this look is an all-rounder.

Structured Rawness is the perfect solution to give your everyday hair a special twist. The best part: This styling is suited to all lengths and hair types. From short or bobbed to long hair. Structuring texturisers like mousse, gel or wax are used to shape and emphasise sections of hair. Fingers, round brushes or straighteners can be used to sculpt the style. Set the finished look with hairspray and you're done.

Curious about the Structured Rawness look? Watch Model Taja show us how to style it in this How-to-video:

How to style the Structured Rawness look

  1. Prepare hair with mousse for styling after washing.
  2. Blow dry. 
  3. Treat individual strands with straighteners, shaping soft curls. Use a heat protecting spray.
  4. Secure and emphasise strands with a small amount of styling balm between your palms. 
  5. Finally, set the look with hairspray. Tip: For a luminous blonde, as seen on model Taja, dye  hair a lighter shade – for example with Brillance Pure Diamond Blondes Ultra Platinum. Don't forget to give your hair some intense care to make the colour shine, like the Total-Repair-Linie von Gliss Kur.

Arrange individual strands with straighteners for Structured Rawness.


Voilà: The completed TrendLook Structured Rawness.

Here's what makes the Structured Rawness look:

  1. Don't wash hair daily, but regularly. Then style it with selected texturisers to look undone. It will appear laid-back but groomed.
  2. Give hair that's too soft to style extra grip with dry shampoo.
  3. No perfection. “Undone“ means your hair is allowed to be messy.

Tip: You've washed, combed and dried your hair? Don't brush it again, but work with the tousled strands instead. Looks even cooler.

3 reasons to love the Structured Rawness trend:

  • Quick to style. Big effect for little effort.
  • Any type or length of hair can be styled to look undone.
  • If you have to wear a suit or blouse for work, this hairstyle adds a rebellious note – subtly, of course.

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