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Trend Hair 2018: Sleeping Glam

2018 is the year of cool, wearable and authentic hairstyles – like one of the Schwarzkopf TrendLooks 2018: Sleeping Glam. Hair expert Armin Morbach created the relaxed yet glamorous style. The wow-look brings out your own individuality and is a perfect fit for campaign motto #createyourstyle

This new take on red carpet style disrupts typical perfection. It’s not about classic Hollywood waves, but a look that’s interesting because it feels authentic. The “Sleeping Glam“-look turns a severe side parting with wild forehead wisps into a cool hairstyle, just like the laid back bob with a structured curl. Big entrance with a bang? Absolutely. Perfection from head to toe? No. “Imagine you’re on your way to a big event and fall asleep on the back seat. When you wake up, your hair looks ’Sleeping Glam’: a bit undone, but truly unique and quite elegant“, star stylist Armin Morbach explains this TrendLook.

Ready for a grand entrance? Model Anine’s How-to-Video shows how to style the Sleeping Glam Look:

How to style the Sleeping Glam Look

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Slight waves and a rich colour make Sleeping Glam cool and elegant.

Important for this look: The styling looks undone, but the colour is flawless. These two counterpoints play out a perfectly imperfect finish, which is what really makes the look.

  • Dye the hair a rich red. Don’t forget to wear gloves. Follow the instructions and apply colour from the roots to the ends.
  • Rinse and use a leave-in repair pack after removing all the dye.
  • Blow dry and add shine and waves with a straightener. Tip: Spray on a heat protector beforehand.
  • Break it up with your fingers, so the look doesn’t appear too “done.” Set with hairspray.

Here’s what makes the Sleeping Glam Look:

Hair straighteners are the perfect tool to achieve the Sleeping Glam Look.

Perfect tool to achieve the TrendLook Sleeping Glam: Straighteners.

  • Glamour Fashion, ranging from a breathtaking gown to a smoking hot ladies’ smoking. The choice is yours.
  • A relaxed twist adds interest, especially to your hairstyle.
  • Not perfect? Great! An authentic look is much more interesting and irresistible.


Sleeping Glam is a hairstyle full of character and it’s incredibly versatile: whether a sleek look pixie, a bob in an expressive colour or long, wavy hair with intricate colour highlights – anything goes. Follow your mood and your instincts. You’ll look great.

Tip: If you go for an expressive hairstyle paired with eye-catching colour, your outfit should be more restrained to avoid overkill.

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Being glamorous now means staying true to yourself.
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