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Caring for men's natural curls

#createyourstyle: In its new campaign, Schwarzkopf celebrates individuality and confidence – and encourages you to try new looks. Forget about short hair for men – long locks are on trend for guys. As are masculine curls. Long and curly? As stylish as it gets! Here's how men can get curls that look neat, not frizzy

Curly hair care and styling

Curly hair can get dry. Because curls don't lie close to the head like straight hair, the scalp provides follicles with less sebum. To prevent brittleness, use a hair mask about twice a week (Some products don't need more than a minute to work their magic!), along with moisturising shampoo and conditioner.


In this tutorial, George shows a trick for cool curls that you can try directly after washing:

Model George with curls

Model George's tutorial proves: Curls look best groomed, not dry or frizzy.

Styling curly hair, step by step:

  1. After washing, towel dry gently and carefully de-tangle. A wide tooth comb is ideal.
  2. Use a balm for curly hair and twist tendrils gently. For a messy finish, blow dry upside down.
  3. Finish with matt paste. Simply distribute a small portion between your palms and knead into your hair, but not the roots, to prevent them looking greasy.
  4. Set with hairspray – finished.


Tip: No need to wash your hair every day, every other day is plenty. Washing too often can dry out curly hair. Curl sprays are ideal to freshen up. Simply spray into the lengths upside down and knead through.


The right cut for men with curls

The cut is what really makes curly hair, ensuring it sits right and falls nicely. Thin hair shouldn't be worn longer than shoulder length. Men with fuller hair can wear their curls long.
Layers are ideal, as they help define curls and give them bounce. However, don't get a cut that's too layered, which can make your hair appear thin.


A fringe looks cool and modern with curly hair – as our tutorial proves. The length of the fringe is what matters. It should reach down to the eyebrows. Tip: To make sure it doesn't turn out too short, the fringe should be cut when dry.

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