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How to get big hair

#createyourstyle: In its new campaign, Schwarzkopf celebrates individuality and confidence – and encourages you to try new looks. Hollywood's divas have sworn by glamorous volume since the 1930s. When it comes to exclusive events and sophisticated evening functions, big hair is always in style. We tell you how to achieve dramatic volume and what makes big hair work

Watch the video with Violet to find out how to ace a glamorous entrance:

For evening functions, exclusive events and glitzy parties more (hair) is more – and more elegant. Follow our artist Violet Chachki's lead. The American drag queen and burlesque dancer often performs with dramatic big hair. The artist loves the glamorous retro style à la Dita von Teese or Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe. You too can pull of this glamorous styling. After all, a long, voluminous mane is the essence of femininity.

Drama, Baby: How to achieve glamorous volume

Big hair isn't that hard to conjure. With the right touch, a round brush and the perfect products, you can even give fine hair a dramatically voluminous look. Fine hair should first be washed with a special shampoo that adds volume. Thin hair also tends to go flat when it's weighed down with product, so use a light conditioner rather than a heavy hair mask. Volume powder gives your roots a bit of a lift. The fine, light powder quickly adds volume without teasing or backcombing. Tip: Dust the fine powder on your roots and massage it into your hair using your fingers.

Curlers and curling irons for more volume

Model Violet with teased roots

Model Violet relies on teased roots snd glamorous makeup for a dramatic entrance.

Everyone knows round brushes are a great styling tool for fine hair. Brushing long hair upside down under a hair dryer gives fine follicles a nice bounce. You can also add volume between washes by brushing your hair upside down. Glamorous Waves or retro styles with large curls look very voluminous. Before you expose your hair to a hot curling iron or heated curlers, apply protective heat lotion. Wrap hair around medium curlers or a curling iron in sections. Pull the finished curls into shape and spray hair gloss lacquer all over for a beautiful finish. You can also coax extra volume out of straight hair by teasing the roots.

How to set a voluminous look

Ideally, your perfect styling will last a long time without feeling sticky or looking like a rigid helmet. Set your big hair style with a spray that offers both hold and shine. Firm hold lacquer tames flyaways and keeps each curl in its place. Tip: Look for products that don't dry out or weigh down your hair.

Volume and shine

Elegant vintage styles, as worn by Burlesque artist Dita van Teese, are particularly effective with shiny, deep black hair. Few people have such an even shade naturally, so it's worth improving on your natural look with a permanent colour. Whether you do a home dye job or get a salon colour, a solid shade reflects light evenly and will dazzle with its intensity. A sophisticated shine is the perfect finishing touch to a voluminous look.

This makeup goes perfectly with big hair

Big hair is a statement in itself,but the right makeup adds a nice finishing touch. You can easily do this yourself: If your lashes aren't naturally curly, simply use a curler to nudge your eyelashes upward and finish off with a deep black coat of mascara. Take a page out of Marilyn Monroe's book and give yourself seductive bedroom eyes with eyeliner, which also makes lashes appear thicker and goes well with mascara. Draw a thin line as close to the lash roots as you can. For a cat's eye look, the line gets thicker towards the outside of the eye. Seal the deal with a red lip. Tip: Use lip liner to prevent the colour from bleeding.