Woman sitting in a chair, wearing an orange top, and sporting a half bun hairstyle
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Super Easy Styling Hacks With Taft - The Half Bun

Can’t decide? This look is for the woman who wants it all.

Who said that styling you hair had to take forever? Here we’ll introduce you to a style that you can create in minutes with a little help from Taft. If you can’t decide between having your hair fully down or up in a practical bun, the half bun hairstyle is perfect for when you’re torn between hairstyles. Add extra life to this style by volumizing the front section. How? Taft Volume Powder creates instant visible and long-lasting volume and without any sticky residue! The formula texturizes each strand for maximum volume.  

Here’s how to achieve the half bun

Woman shakes some Taft Volume Powder into her hand
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Step 1: Sprinkle some Taft Volume Powder into your palm and run your hands through the front of your hair.

Woman holds the front of her hair in one hand and texturizes the rest with the other hand
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Step 2: Tie up the front part of your hair into a bun and tousle the quiff that’s left.

Woman massage her fingers through the quiff at the front of her hair
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Step 3: A quick spritz of Taft Shine Fascinating Brilliant Hairspray and your half bun is good to go.

Woman sitting in a chair with her hair down, unstyled
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Woman sitting in a chair with a half bun hairstyle and the rest of her hair as luscious waves
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Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Get the best of both hairstyles with the half bun. And keep your locks looking luscious and in place with the help of Taft products. No-one has to know your stunning style took literal minutes to achieve.