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Zuza Kołodziejczyk: “I treat haircare like a hobby”

Zuza Kołodziejczyk has built a successful international modeling career since winning Polish Next Top Model in 2013. In between traveling the world for assignments and keeping her followers updated on her blog, YouTube and Instagram, she also finds time for charity work! In this #SCHWARZKOPFcreators interview, she tells us about expressing different sides of her personality by changing her hair, her love for strong women and nineties style.

Zuzanna Kołodziejczyk - Zuza, as her followers know her - has had quite the hair journey in the past year. In 2017, the Polish Top Model winner cut off her waist-long hair and donated her locks to a charity that makes wigs for cancer survivors. It was the first time she had ever changed her look - but certainly not the last time, as she tells us in her first English interview. 

Zuza Kołodziejczyk on going from boring hair to loving style experiments

Through our appearance, we can express our personality. Which hairstyle is 100% you?
I can't even tell you which hairstyle defines me best now, because I can finally play with my hair. All my life I had one haircut: very long hair in my natural color. One year ago I cut my hair 40 cm shorter and dyed it for the first time. It has opened up a whole new world for me in which I'm planning to have a lot of fun. I cannot decide upon one hairstyle at the moment - it's still a kind of process. I want to experiment and have fun - after all, I'm a woman.

What was your biggest hair faux pas and how did you fix it?

I was 14 and I decided that I would like to have a fringe. I went to the hairdresser and he really messed it up. It looked like I had two fringes - one on the side and one straight below. It was a disaster. I avoided going to the salon for a long time after that.

Who is a real (hair) role model for you and why?
Alicia Keys. She's a beautiful, strong woman. She's natural, self-confident and her style always looks perfect.

What hairstyle will you wear when you're 70?
Simple: I love Jane Fonda. She's 80 and she always looks perfect, so I'll try to look like her.

If you could be someone else for a day, whose life would you want to live?
I don't want to be anyone else, but alright - if I could be someone else for a day I would like to be a superhero, maybe Wonder Woman. I think that I could be a really good superhero.

Zuza Kołodziejczyk shares her hair secrets, favorite trends and products

What's your ultimate hair secret?
I treat haircare like a hobby. I really enjoy it and if I have time, I can spend almost an hour applying products. To me it's really fun. It's like relaxing personal wellness time.

Which current trend do you like the most?
The nineties are cool again. I'm kind of wearing that look right now - mom jeans, a polo neck and white sneakers, but my hair isn't 90's. It's dirty blonde with beach waves. This is the style I currently like best.

How do you like to wear your hair in daily life?
I like to feel comfortable and nice at the same time. Usually I wear my hair tied up in a bun or loose.

What's your insider tip for a glamorous hairstyle that always looks stylish?
I think that beach waves always look great, for every occasion. It doesn't matter if you wear a super glamorous dress with high heels or just jeans, t-shirt and kicks. Beach waves rule!

Name three hair and beauty products you always carry in your travel bag.

I think I will go classic. I'm always using my Gliss Kur shampoo and conditioner, and then something like got2b Instashine hairspray by Schwarzkopf.

Zuza Kołodziejczyk talks family, love and inspiration

Where do you find inspiration and who inspires you?
Everything can be an inspiration. Things I see on the street or on the Internet, but most of all women who are strong and not afraid to speak up. Like my Mum; her style and personality always inspire me the most.

Beauty is…
Beauty is inside every one of us. We all have different dreams and experiences. Everyone is unique. You are the only one copy that ever existed. Even if, like me, you have a twin sister, you are still unique. That's why everyone of us is beautiful.

Straight hair or beach waves?
Beach waves.

Natural hair color or something new every now and then?
I've had natural hair long enough, so now I like to change it every now and again.

Natural snapshot or perfectly staged picture?
Natural snapshot for sure.

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Zuzanna Kołodziejczyk’s current motto for hairstyling: experiment and have fun!

What's the best thing about Polish women?
We have the most beautiful women in the world!

Who or what always accompanies you on trips?
My fiancé. I always feel safe beside him. He makes me laugh and even if I am stressed and nervous he knows what to do to make me feel better.

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