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Kenken Layos: “I'm a chameleon! I love changing and constantly having a different look”

Kenken is a Japanese influencer with eclectic tastes and an appetite for experimentation. The Tokyo street style star, fashion insider and successful DJ talks hair inspiration, experimentation and aspirations in our #SCHWARZKOPFcreators interview.

Kenken may not have as many Instagram followers as some of his fellow #SCHWARZKOPFcreators, but what he lacks in subscriber numbers, he more than makes up with street cred, at least in Tokyo, where he is a sought-after DJ, influencer and street style star. Having worked at legendary Harajuku boutique Faline, Kenken's style credentials made him an instant It boy of the local fashion scene. We found out how he mixes inspiration from Japanese street style subcultures with global hair, fashion and beauty trends.

Kenken on hair trends, party hair and his ever-changing look

Which current hair trend do you like best?
In Japan, there is a huge trend for dark hair, which I really like, even if my hair is still light at the moment.

Would you go for an extreme hairstyle like the buzzcut?

Yes! I really want to try a buzzcut, that would be exciting.

How do you like to wear your hair in daily life?

Normally, I like to keep it natural and just add some hair oil for moisture. It's key to lock in moisture, so I actually mix oil and gel and apply them at the same time.

What's your look on a Sunday if there is no event or photo session?

I use a hair band to keep it out of my face, so I don't have to think about it.

What's your ultimate hair secret?

My hair is really smooth and easy to dye, so I'm just lucky it's a good texture.


Extravagant in his own way: Kenken Layos likes to mix Japanese street styles with global hair, fashion and lifestyle trends.

Which hairstyle is 100% you?
I am a chameleon! I love changing and constantly having a different look. 

Kenken on teen idols and finding inspiration on his international travels

Who is a hair role model for you and why?
My top hair role model is young Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet, followed by the members of K-Pop band BTS, and then Patrick Schwarzenegger, Arnold's son. I follow him on Instagram and he's really cool.

What hairstyle will you wear when you're 70?

I'd love to be a dandy. I'd dye it black, be really stylish and dress like a gentleman.

Name three hair and beauty products you always carry in your travel bag.

Shampoo, conditioner and hair oil.

What was your biggest hair faux pas and how did you fix it?

I'll never forget when I was 16 and dyed my hair for the first time ever, the stylist messed it up. It came out kind of mixed, with different colors on different parts of my head. I had to go to another hair salon the next day to fix it.

Where do you find inspiration and who inspires you?

Visiting other countries, trying new food, of course music, but I also create my own inspiration by seeking out new experiences. Sometimes you have to let all the inspiring places and people and things behind and process everything all by yourself.

Kenken’s take on style

What do you like most about yourself and what's your ultimate confidence booster?
My smile. I believe smiling can make your life better. Even if you are in a tough or difficult situation, a smile can light up someone's day.

What do you love about your hair?

I love that my hair is so soft and no matter how often I dye it, it never gets damaged.

Beauty is…
Be positive, don't be fake and you will send out good vibes. Life experience also gives you a really positive aura and that makes you more attractive to others.

Dyed or natural hair color?

Dyed, of course!

Traditional or trendy?

I love traditional styles. In Japanese fashion, there are a lot of fabulous outfits like the kimono, but I like to take those traditional looks and make them modern.

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