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Elva Ni: “I like how people use different hair colors to express their personality”

Elva is a balanced beauty - outside and in. Whether she's choosing a hairstyle, picking an outfit or looking at the world upside down in an energizing yoga pose, the petite influencer weighs her options and makes a level-headed decision. We talk hair, beauty and inspiration in this #SCHWARZKOPFcreators interview.

Elva speaks in a quiet, gentle voice, with a shy smile on her lips. Her delicate, elfish appearance is carried by lanky, slim legs and topped off with long, auburn hair. Her glossy locks, worn open, fall over her shoulders in a cascade of waves. After each question, Elva pauses to find the right answer. The young Chinese influencer from Hong Kong appears calm and level-headed. Our conversation confirms that she isn't one for extremes. Just like her temperament, her look is balanced, low-key and effortlessly cool.

Elva on vlogging and her favorite hairstyles

What do you like about vlogging?
Being authentic. I like to share my experience with other people, even if it is not always happy, but sometimes something sad. I also love to take people along on my travel vlogs, so they can see cities where they have never been before.

Which current hair trend do you like the most?

I like the way young people use different hair colors to express their personality.

Would you go for an extreme color yourself?

No, I'm not an extreme person. I prefer my hair to be natural, especially the color. I'm more settled.

How do you like to wear your hair in daily life?

I don't do much. I just let my hair be natural: open and straight.

What's your look on a Sunday if there is no event or photo session?

As natural as it can be. I probably go out with messy hair and don't really care.

Elva's favorite hair products and insider tips for healthy hair

What's your insider tip for healthy hair?
Using the right hair product is key. In Hong Kong, for example, it's very humid, so I need to wash my hair every day and use shampoo twice.

Name three hair products you always carry in your travel bag.

Shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo, which you use like a hairspray, to give your hair more volume.


Elva Ni says: "Using the right hair product is key."

Which hair product should never be taken off the market?

What was your biggest hair faux pas and how did you fix it?

Very short bangs that I had last year. This haircut did not suit my face and the shortness of the bangs really looked weird with my long hair. I tried to fix it, but the best solution was to wear a hat. [Laughs out loud at this fail.]

Elva on role models, her old age hair goals and yoga as confidence booster

What hairstyle will you wear when you're 70?
Short hair, like a bob with bangs.

Who is a real (hair) role model for you and why?

[Thinks a long time...] Anne Hathaway. She has lovely hair and her hair looks really healthy!

Who inspires you?

The yoga master I learned from, Ana Forrest. Because of her I'm a yoga instructor now. She inspires me a lot.

What's your ultimate confidence booster?
Yoga helps me release tension and makes me more relaxed and focused. When I do any upside down pose, my blood flow improves, which gives me energy. That keeps me positive every day.

If you could be someone else for a day, whose life would you want to live?

I really enjoy my own life actually.

Elva's take on beauty

What is beauty to you?
Beauty comes from the inside out.

Which hairstyle is 100% you?

Straight and open. After the shower, I just blow dry my hair, that's 100% me.

Long or short hair?

Definitely long.


Elva Ni likes her hair best when it's loose and straight.

Braids or letting your hair down?
Hair down.

Favorite hairstyle when you need to be fast?

A bun.

I'm proud of…

...representing Hong Kong.

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