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Adam Gallagher: “I love dressing it down as much as dressing it up”

When it comes to classically cool looks, Adam is our go-to menswear expert. However, his penchant for timeless silhouettes and old-school style idols doesn't stop him from keeping his look contemporary. In this #SCHWARZKOPFcreators interview, the style blogger talks sneakers, on-trend hair color and finding inspiration on Pinterest.

Adam is like a matinee idol for the social media age. He never looks anything less than perfectly polished on his immaculately curated fashion blog, so it comes as no surprise that his answers to questions on style, inspiration and grooming are as well considered as his #OOTD. Although Galla, as he is known online, prefers classic menswear looks, he surprised us by admitting to some pretty adventurous hair goals! 

Adam on fashion inspirations, hair trends and style disasters

Where do you find inspiration?
Lately, I've been really inspired by fashion week. Designers are having a moment right now, kind of leading the way in style and trends. But I also really love the classics, like James Dean, Marlon Brando, Andy Warhol. A lot of those silhouettes and looks are very appealing to me. I'm really into Pinterest, I'm always on there, moodboarding, pinning and organizing my ideas.

Which current hair trend do you like the most?

I really like grey hairstyles. I want to try it myself and do like a dark grey ombré. A lot of men are bleaching their hair right now and doing different cool tones. I experimented with color a few years ago and it didn't really go the way I wanted, so for a while I was happy with my own color, but I'm getting back into that experimental phase again.

Tell us more about your color mishap.

I was trying to go for a beach blonde color and the stylist pulled it too much and it became completely red, which wasn't a good look, so I won't be doing that again.

Would you go for an extreme hairstyle like a buzzcut?

I was just saying I would love to try that. Obviously it's best to consult your stylist to see if you have the right face shape and it's going to take a bit longer to build up the courage.

What hairstyle will you wear when you're 70?

I just hope I have hair. My grandparents all have their hair, so hopefully that's a good indicator. I' d love to wear it really cool, slicked back and totally own the salt and pepper look.

Adam on signature looks and must-have hair products

How do you like to wear your hair every day?
Really easy going. I blow dry it to give it volume, put in a little bit of oil after every shower to give it some shine and wear it swept back.

What's your ultimate hair secret?
I repeat this a lot because using some sort of oil based product really is my hair secret. A lot of people who have oily hair will shy away from the good oils, like argan or coconut oil, but it completely elevated my hair to the next level. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


Perfectly polished, classy and at the same time stylish and easy-going - that's Adam Gallagher's style.

Name three hair products you always use.
I love the Schwarzkopf phenomenal thickening cream, that's one of my favorites. Argan oil and hairspray would be the other two.

Whose hair do you admire?
That's a good question. Zayn does a lot of cool styles. He's always switching it up and showcasing new, trendy hairstyles. I appreciate that.

Which hairstyle is 100% you?
I would love to say I change it up all the time, but I actually don't. I keep it very classic, swept back. I think classic silhouettes appeal to me more. That's who I am and who I want to be.

Adam on beauty and body positivity

What do you like most about yourself?
I really like the body positivity movement. When I was younger, I struggled with being too skinny. In America, for guys it's looked down upon, so I got made fun of. I learned that you can really gain confidence by picking one good thing to focus on every day and be grateful. For example, wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say "I really like my smile" out loud - it's a small step, but it works. In the past few years I've learned to really love and accept myself. 


Beauty is…
Is it cheesy to say "in the eye of the beholder"? I think beauty is about feeling comfortable in your own skin. You want to own who you are, whether that's putting on a nice outfit or doing something that brings you joy in your day, or just being you 100%. 

Adam's favorite Bond and his top wardrobe must haves

Sean Connery or Daniel Craig?
They're both Bonds, so they're both incredibly classy, but I'd still have to say Sean Connery. I think he really paved the way in his own way for the Bonds that came after him.

Sneakers or leather shoes?

That's hard. A lot of people would assume I'd say dress shoes, but I'm a total sneaker guy. I love dressing it down as much as dressing it up.

Which basics should every man have in his wardrobe?

A well fitted pair of denim jeans. A really well fitting white shirt, a good white tee. A leather jacket is another staple every man should have, as well as a good suit. Everything is about fit in menswear, so that's what men should be aware of.

What's your favourite hot spot?
I would say New York, which is where I live. There's just an electricity in the air in that city and it's like a hub, a cultural melting pot. You're learning new things every day and meeting new people and there's new experiences around every corner. 

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