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#createyourstyle:  In its new campaign, Schwarzkopf celebrates personality and motivates you to be the best version of yourself! Age doesn't even come into it, because you're never too old to make a radical style change. Model Evelyn is living proof that a new look is always a good idea. We've selected hairstyles and -colours for all ages and life stages. Whether you're 15, 35, 50 or 75, there's a new look that's right for you!

Style knows no age! Our mature model Evelyn is in demand because of her unique style and charismatic presence. Evelyn says: ”People who are adventurous like me will always find something that makes them happy and that they can succeed at.“ Fashion blogger Ari Seth Cohen would agree – he is fascinated by women over 70 who enjoy fashion as a means for self-expression.

You're never too old for adventures. Evelyn explains why in this video:

With his 2012 book “Advanced Style“, based on the successful blog, Cohen paid tribute to women like Evelyn. These ladies don't care for the traditionally “senior appropriate“ palette of beiges und greys. Instead, they embrace strong fashion statements and hair styles that range from elegant to extravagant, while loud patterns, big hats and chic glasses compete for attention. Former interior designer and 96-year-old style icon Iris Apfel sums up her approach: „I don´t dress to be stared at. I dress for myself.“

Hair colours and cuts for women between 50 and 75

These women make a strong statement with daring outfits and unusual hairstyles. Many of the older ladies wear their grey hair with pride. Whether it's a chin length bob, an elaborate updo, or worn long and open – grey hair is as versatile and unique as the woman who wears it natural. After grey, the most popular colour is red in all its nuances – carrot top to fire engine and ruby to cerise. With the right attitude, women can even wear crayola coloured hair at any age. For example, New Yorker “Iris“ can be admired on Cohen's blog wearing ultra violet curls. Also, it's never too late for daring accessories. Decorative clips, frivolous fascinators, or a colourful turban will turn any hairstyle into an eye-catcher. In fact, when it comes to adventurous hair experiments, these advanced stylistas are second only to teenagers.

Hair colours and cuts for adventurous 15-year-olds

Young fashionistas are currently all about colourful hair and multi-hued ends. Dyeing your own hair with premium products at home is simple. Certain products even allow you to control the colour intensity. Depending on your original shade, the application time can, for example, determine whether the resulting hair colour turns out a pastel or intense pink. These fresh colours really pop on long hair. Intricate braids, a trendy high ponytail or an artful topknot, half bun or messy bun are perfect for teenagers.

Hair trends for 35-year-old business woman and mother

Grown up women who work are often more concerned about maintaining a professional appearance. In most workplaces, your colour and cut need to look respectable. No great experiments or crazy colours. Classy shades of blonde, brunette and natural-looking reds are  on point. Short cuts like a pixie, chin or shoulder length bob are chic and practical for women getting things done. A blunt fringe adds a tidy, professional touch.

Mothers in particular need a haircut that's practical. Low-maintenance cuts and colours that last make everyday styling easy on a busy mum. Highlights are a good idea, as the roots don't require regular touch-ups. Tip: The natural dyeing technique Colour Melting ensures an easy transition to a different colour, which buys you more time before the next dye job. A low-maintenance pixie cut is also ideal, and quite forgiving, even if a lot of time passes between trips to the salon. Long hair is easily tied back, but fringes require an extra hair band.

You're never too old to reinvent yourself. Find your own look, no matter which life stage you're at. Whether young and eager to experiment or old and adventurous, enjoy acting your age – or not acting your age at all.

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