Woman with undone-look hair.
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Go beyond your comfort zone

#createyourstyle: In its new campaign, Schwarzkopf celebrates personality and motivates you to be the best version of yourself! If you want to change, you should try new things – like model Taya. Or model Vincent, who reinvented herself and is now walking a path she could once only have dreamed of. You don't need a reason, only a desire for change and a little bit of courage. Here's why trying new things is totally worth it ...

Of course you can spend your holidays in the same place each year (because it's soooo nice there), you can stick to the same job, follow a well thought-out life plan and always wear similar outfits, the same hairstyle and -colour. On the other hand, you could travel to new destinations, take on a challenge in a new job, move to a new city – and experiment with your wardrobe and hair as much as you like.


”Accepting change and taking risks is the most important thing you can do,“ 


according to model Taja. How are you ever going to find a style you really love – unless you've tried out different looks?

No risk, no fun for model Taja. Why? Find out in this video:

#makeachange: Why leaving your comfort zone is worth the risk

Daring to try the unfamiliar inevitably has consequences: You learn new things, see the bigger picture, gain experiences. Would you enjoy a different job? Would you feel more at home in a new city? Would life be better as a redhead? You'll only find out if you try. The more you try the unfamiliar, the better you get at handling situations that push you beyond your comfort zone. It's the only way to find out what you want from life. Everyone knows: The status quo isn't necessarily the best way to be or the way it needs to be forever.

In this video, model Vincent explains why change is worth the effort:

Woman with cool new short hair.

Change is good: A short haircut can change your whole appearance.

A new haircut or -colour can also be a wonderful change. A fresh look is a great way to mark a fresh start in life – for example by chopping off your locks if you've always had long hair.

Trying new things doesn't necessarily mean becoming more successful. Of course, you might regret a decision, but that's not the end of the world. Even failure and disappointment can contain valuable and positive life lessons. Those who take risks rarely regret it. After all, a wrong decision might just teach you what the right choice is for you. Geode Hair doesn't look quite as stylish on you as expected? It was worth a try – and maybe the inspiration to find your perfect match in Chocolate Mauve.

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Cool colour trends: Geode Hair and Chocolate Mauve.

Why styling thrives on new and daring choices

Head to toe black is undoubtedly stylish, aber wäre es nicht auch mal toll, einfach einen knallroten Rollkragenpullover zu tragenbut wouldn't you love to wear a bright read polo neck for a change? Fashion is supposed to be fun, so why settle on a single style when there are so many looks you could try? Don't get us wrong: It's great to find your personal style. On the other hand, there's no harm in keeping things interesting with a statement piece that takes an outfit from “pretty“ to “wow“.

Model Taja with a light blonde undercut.

A new hair cut is always worth it. Case in point: Model Taja's stylish blonde undercut.

If you've long wondered what life would be like as a blonde, why not lighten things up and find out if the colour suits you? The same goes for any other colour – especially for outrageous choices like blue, pink or rainbow hair. Many women wouldn't dare to make such daring colour choices, but why not? No hair colour is eternal and a misstep is easily corrected. The same thing goes for haircuts. Of course you should consult with a trusted stylist before deciding whether a radical change is right for you. They can always suggest alternatives that may be better suited to you. For example, if you are planning a drastic chop, you don't immediately have to go from long hair to a pixie cut. A long bob may be just the change you need!

Fancy a change? A Schwarzkopf Professional Stylist can help you find the perfect new style: Salon Finder