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#createyourstyle: In its new campaign, Schwarzkopf celebrates personality and motivates you to be the best version of yourself! Beauty hypes no longer dictate what is considered beautiful. Model Eliza proves that beauty is whatever you want it to be. Body positivity will continue to be in focus for 2018. It doesn't just mean accepting who you are, but also being the best version of yourself

The body positivity movement has been shaking up the fashion and beauty industries. Actually, it's more of an invitation to look within than an outside movement.

”When I was younger, a lot of people told me I wasn't beautiful – I simply wasn't the way others expected my to be. I was a tomboy, wore my hair half shaved and talked like a rocker“, says model Eliza in the video below. “Today I know, nothing can stop me,“ the model adds.

Body positivity means: Accept yourself the way you are, rather than chasing hollow beauty ideals. As Eliza know from experience, it's not always easy. After all, we are constantly confronted by beauty hypes. On the other hand, that's why it's never been more important to be comfortable in your own skin.

Model Eliza explains why staying true to yourself is worth it in this video:

What Body positivity means in 2018

In 2018, body positivity still means being yourself and accepting who you are. But it also means making the most of what nature gave you and being your best self. That's what makes body positivity even more authentic. Of course there's nothing wrong with exercising to feel better. Sure you can try the latest hair colouring trend (like Colour Melting, for example), if you like the way it looks on you. Just stay true to yourself.

„Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

Sophia Loren

Body positivity: Look exactly the way you want to look

First and foremost, you need to like the way you look – not anyone else. If you're happy with your style, it shows and the compliments from others will automatically start rolling in. You can be who you want to be and look how you want to look – that's the beauty of it. You don't even have to worry about whether a look is suitable for women or men. Maybe that's why short hair for women and long hair for men are increasingly popular choices. One short hair trend that's been all the rage with confident women is the buzzcut, which really draws attention to a beautiful face.

How to make the most of yourself

You can make the most of yourself by not fighting what nature gave you. You've always had feminine curves? That doesn't make you any less beautiful than a size zero model – a fact driven home impressively by successful plus size models like Ashley Graham or Sarina Nowak. You have afro-textured hair or curls? Lucky you! Don't reach for relaxers or straighteners. Instead, go for nourishing shampoo and conditioner, and tame your texture with hair mousse or balm. You've got fine hair? Sure, you could use every trick in the book to add volume – or simply choose a hair style that is perfect for your hair, like a bob or a pixie.

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