Four models with different hair styles and looks
Highlights | Hair Trends 2020

"Hair around the world": These are the Schwarzkopf Looks 2020

For Schwarzkopf hair expert, Armin Morbach, one thing is certain: modern hairstyles celebrate individuality, self-confidence, freedom, and diversity. Using the motto "Hair around the world", the top stylist has created four exciting hairstyles that are sure to impress. Voilà: Take a peek at our Schwarzkopf Looks 2020.

Your hair, your rules

"Diversity starts in the mind - with unprejudiced thinking and openness. It's not just about blonde-haired, brown-haired, and red-haired people - it's about real visual diversity. Our campaign is more diverse than ever. Age and gender also play a role," says Armin Morbach when talking about Schwarzkopf Looks 2020, "Does it even matter who is what anymore? And where you come from? I don't think so. It's about charisma, vibes - and in the end, of course, the desire to want to try out different hairstyles. And that's what we want to show."


The hair expert predicts that this exact diversity will also be reflected in the hairstyle trends for 2020. "There is not just one trend. What is foreseeable, however, is that people are starting to make more of an effort again: blow-drying their hair, styling their hair, wanting to come up with something special. Even natural looks are being perfected. Hair is becoming an accessory, a highlight, an eye-catcher," he explains. "You invest time and creativity into it - after all, it's fun! This is what we will definitely be seeing."

Schwarzkopf Looks 2020: In harmony with modern age and tradition

But what exactly inspired Armin Morbach to create Schwarzkopf Looks 2020? In addition to urban diversity and individual freedom, the top stylist also takes inspiration from traditional values – and is able to blend these contrasts in a skillful and innovative way. "For me, traditions are a huge source of inspiration. At the same time, origin is also a piece of identity and authenticity, something very down-to-earth. I think that's exactly what we long for at this moment in time - back to the roots. Home means stability and security for many. Especially in rather difficult times, traditions help us to feel ourselves again," Armin Morbach muses. "This hyper-individualization is nice, but a touch of home is sometimes good too. Each person can decide for themselves what home means in this context”.


The four exclusive looks are wonderfully urban and cool, but they also have a down-to-earth side to them: "Fun Fiesta" combines folkloric braid elements with contemporary casualness, while "New York Souls" represents the Big Apple in its purest form – it’s cool, clean and yet unique. "Nordic Rawness" takes us into Nordic regions and embodies the stylish nonchalance of Scandinavian it-boys and fashionistas. "Asian Updos" again lives for artistic details and a silky finish.


There's only one question left to ask: Which of the Schwarzkopf Looks 2020 are you going to try out?