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Nordic Rawness: Effortlessly Natural

Nordic nonchalance is reflected in the Nordic Rawness looks: “Many Scandinavians work with what they have, emphasizing structure and color instead of working against it,” says Armin Morbach, hair expert and trend visionary. “Take a leaf out of their book! To me, it’s the ultimate modern messy look.”


Along with Fun Fiesta, New York Souls, and Asian UpdosNordic Rawness is part of the Schwarzkopf Looks 2020 created and shot by top stylist Armin Morbach himself. Both these Nordic-inspired hairstyles are based on trendsetters from Scandinavia: their look is thought through from head to toe and always includes a hint of coolness and is naturally stylish.

Nordic nonchalance - inspired by street style

“If you walk through the streets of Stockholm or Copenhagen you might think: Why do the people here all look so stylish? First of all, it’s the attitude, but their hair also plays a part: “Natural, but healthy, only emphasizing what they have and not radically changing anything,” explains Armin Morbach, revealing the secret of the highly sought-after Scandi look.


Models Myla and Johnathan show you step-by-step how to style Armin Morbach's exclusive Nordic Rawness looks at home:

Man with dark curly hair - styled
© Armin Morbach

Before: Model Johnathan with natural curls.

one dam image
  1. Wash your hair with Schauma Anti-Dandruff Intensive Shampoo and carefully dry with a towel.
  2. For a textured messy look, style your towel-dried hair with taft Pure Styler Waves Cream.
  3. Massage the cream evenly throughout your hair.
  4. Select and define individual strands.
  5. Then blow-dry until your hair is semi-dry.
  6. Last but not least, use your fingers to shape the hairstyle.
  7. For a reliable hold and a perfect finish, look no further than got2b Roaring High Bodifying Fixing Spray.
Model with dark curly hair
© Armin Morbach

After: Model Johnathan with perfectly-styled curls

Our tip:

Do you want rich brown hair like Johnathan? The Men Perfect Anti-Grey Color Gel in 80 Black Brown covers those pesky gray hairs while looking 100% natural at the same time.

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The easy way to effortless waves

Model Myla has opted for a hairstyle with gentle waves. You can find out how to achieve this look in our video tutorial:

Our tip:

In order to perfect Myla’s look, we recommend you refresh your hair with Brillance Intensive Color Creme Dark Brown 880. The color is particularly easy to apply and intensifies your locks’ natural color. A soothing hair mask such as the Beology Moisturizing Hydra-Mask gives your hair a healthy shine and leaves it with silky suppleness. It’s very important that your hair is in tip-top condition for the Nordic Rawness looks: Intensively nourished, healthy-looking hair is a must in order for these Scandi looks to look their best.