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Winter Hairstyles 2017: The Three Coolest Looks

In focus: Jamie King, Gigi Hadid and Emma Roberts – three world-famous women who regularly captivate us with their stylings and wear new hairdos and fashion trends before anyone else. Have a look and find out what hairstyles the trendsetters are warming to in the winter months!

Trend scouts always have these three on their radar and their fans are watching in any event. Yet you do not have to belong to either group to discover and like their hairdos, or to style them yourself! Voilà, our three favourite looks from Jamie, Gigi and Emma this winter:

Edgy Waves à la Jamie King

Winter Hairstyles 2017

Smooth or curly? Jamie King knows: it’s in the mix!

Model, mother, wife, actress – Jamie King plays many roles in her private life and career. Her versatility and adaptability are also proven by her hairstyles. Currently she is really turning heads with edgy waves in her hair! Jamie’s 2017 winter hairdo is easy to style yourself – even in shorter hair!

How it’s done: apply mousse to freshly washed hair, blow dry and then create the waves with a curling iron. In order to make the edgy curls, hold the curling iron vertically and work the strands closely side by side. Simply omit the hairline and ends, creating the cool contrast between straight and curly. Bobby pins on the sides perk up the casual lady look.

Big Hair à la Gigi Hadid

Winter Hairstyles 2017

Always a step ahead of the trends: Gigi Hadid

Early twenties and already worth millions: Californian model Gigi Hadid (trademark: doll’s face) triggers a storm of camera flashes when she appears at fashion shows and galas, and makes the hearts of her followers beat higher with personal insights (for instance via Instagram). Clearly what the top model wears is in! This also holds true for her sensuous mane with clear lines and plenty of volume at the hairline. The hairdo can be styled just as well in shoulder length hair.

How it’s done: Wash the hair with volumising shampoo and blow dry it against the direction of growth over a round brush starting at the hairline. Then brush the mane back into shape without a parting. For added fullness, rub volumising powder between your hands and knead it into the hairline. With long hair, gradually part off the lengths at the back in wide strands and form one or two large waves per section with a large curling iron. Finally secure the hairstyle all around with hair spray. Finished!

Styled back is totally your thing? This hairdo can also be styled in a wet look version for party evenings and worn until summer. In order to do so, simply comb the hair flat against the crown with gel. Gigi herself has already worn this style on the catwalk.

Casual Look à la Emma Roberts

Winter Hairstyles 2017

Angelic and electrifying: Emma Roberts with a thin braid and casual waves

The actress is appealingly natural, wearing trends with a likeable authenticity and admirable sense of style – often as one of the first. Emma Roberts skilfully experiments with unusual cuts and patterns. Privately she usually appears casual and always creates a certain cool accent. She prefers simple looks for her hair. Unagitated yet exciting: her 2017 winter hairstyle. It is made for the cool time of year like vanilla crescent cookies – we just cannot get enough! This look is at least as appealing in mid-length hair.

How it’s done: after washing, part the hair in the middle and knead curls into the lengths with styling foam. Allow the hair to air dry and then, starting on one side directly at the hairline, braid a strand and secure it with a fine hair elastic. Apply texturing salt spray to the hair in the final step to add structure and therefore coolness to the hairstyle.

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