Side view of woman with hat
Hair Styling | Winter

Beautiful Hairstyles to Wear underneath Hats

Whether you prefer a trapper or herringbone hat, a beanie or beret, you will look best wearing your hat if you adapt the hair style to the hat style. In our gallery, stars demonstrate beautiful combinations of hairstyles and winter hats. We also have some styling tips for you so that your hair always looks its best underneath your warm hat

If it ever gets cold in your neck of the woods, you may not be able to avoid wearing a warm hat. However, even those who are dead-set on not wearing winter hats will change their minds as soon as their ears are frozen stiff. Today, winter hats come in many shapes and materials so that everybody can find a suitable warm hat. Of course, then the question is how to style the hair underneath your favourite hat.

Hairstyles and Styling Tips for Hat Wearers

1. Here is a styling variation that works with every type of hat: Pull your hair over your ears and then pull your hat over both your ears and hair. For this style, it does not matter how long your hair is and whether it is straight, wavy or curly.

2. Curly hair will inevitably fall flat underneath a hat. You may decide to wear a style with curls only from ear level to the ends.

3. Whether you wear a chignon or ponytail, you should place it where it does not interfere with the fit of your hat.

4. If your hair is short or gathered in a ponytail or chignon, you may like to consider allowing a few strands to peek out from underneath the hat rim for a softer look.

5. Hair wax helps to keep fly-away hair in check. Simply spread some hair wax over the inside of your fingertips before pulling your hair into shape.

6. Dependent on your style, you may like your fringes to peek out from underneath your hat or hide the fringes underneath the hat. If your hairstyle does not include fringes, pull up your hat so that up to an inch of hair above your forehead remains visible.

7. If you wear your long hair open, you should pull it forward over your shoulders for a decidedly feminine look. This also keeps the focus on your hair, not your hat.

We hope you like the hairstyle-hat combinations shown by the stars in our gallery.