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The Most Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Are you ready to take that walk down the aisle? What about your hair? If you’re yet to decide on your wedding hairstyle, we’ll help you discover the most beautiful styles for long hair, and which are on trend right now. Everything will be perfect on your big day – including your hair!

Wedding hairstyle for long hair: The classic updo

The most beloved wedding look for brides, bridesmaids and guests alike: The updo! This versatile, multifaceted look is as unique as the women who wear it. Wear it super elegant with a tiara, or playful with a floral wreath. If you’re not so practiced in the art of the updo, it’s best to head to the hairdresser on your big day. They’ll know exactly what to do! Got natural curls? Here are some tips for curly haired updos.

Wedding hairstyle for long hair: The half up

The name says it all: One half of the hair is styled up, while the other half stays undone and elegant. Result? The half up, a perfect casual twist on an updo. Important: The upper part of the hair really needs to be “up!” Ideal: braids or twists, knots or a bun, or a simple half ponytail. The lower, undone part of the hair can be styled smooth or wavy to suit your style and décolletage. This look can be adapted to suit every style of bride.

Wedding hairstyle for long hair: Side swept

Just as one-shoulder dresses are currently very much in style, side swept hair is also having a moment. As the name suggests, hair is worn over the shoulder. The principle is super simple: Start with a side parting on the side preferred by the bride. The larger section of hair casually falls forward, while the other side, the smaller section, is smoothed back a little more tightly behind the ear and secured. This creates a great contrast between highlighted facial features and flowing, voluminous hair. The style works well with curly hair, and is also classy and classic worn sleek and straight!

Wedding hairstyle for long hair: Loose and undone

Brides with their hair out have been seen in increasing numbers in recent years. The look is becoming increasingly trendy at boho-styled weddings in particular: Nothing says informality and easy living like wind-swept, long hair. Curls are recommended here to make the look livelier and more voluminous. Use large rollers, or a large curling iron, to keep the curls nice and loose. Want a different, dramatic loose-hair look? Wear your hair loose and straightened – or add styling cream to create a sexy wet look.

Wedding hairstyle for long hair: Veiled

Even today, veils are a bridal must-have – indispensable, regardless of whether your wedding is of the chapel or the city hall variety. What many women like: A veil covers your shoulders, and has a touch of royalty to it. To avoid too much hanging around your shoulders, ensure that hair is styled up, or back over the shoulders. This will help ensure the veil and your hairdo blend seamlessly, and beautifully emphasize your bare or embellished shoulders. Make sure your hairdresser affixes your veil to your hairstyle for you. It has to stay in your hair for hours – perhaps 24 hours! And this is where expert knowledge comes in handy. Your veil will usually be affixed with tons of hairpins to ensure it sits well and the fabric falls beautifully.

Wedding hairstyles for short or mid-length hair

There are many beautiful bridal hairstyles out there for all lengths of hair – even if many brides grow their hair longer for their big day. If you have mid-length or short hair, you can wear styles like the side swept look well: It’s achievable in all lengths of hair thanks to its simple styling. Another option: Soft waves are always elegant and flattering. Also popular: Sparkle with accessories, whether feathers, flowers, pearls, headbands, glitter or a fascinator. Even if you don’t have long locks, you don’t need to be overshadowed by big bridal updos!

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