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The Most Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Getting married soon and still looking for the right hairstyle? Let us inspire you! Here are our picks for the most beautiful hairstyles to wear on your very special day. Plus: the most important things to know when planning your bridal style

Your wedding day: it’s the day when you want to look, and feel, your beautiful best. Essentials: the right man, the right dress, the right location, and the right hairstyle! The perfect hair can make your bridal look perfect but professional bridal hairstyling can be expensive. So if you’re a dab hand at hairstyling, save money and style yourself. With the help of a friend and the right hairspray, you can do it! 

Explore our gallery to discover the most beautiful wedding hairstyles, including styling tips to help you get the look:

Read on for all you need to know about bridal hairstyles – discover the most beautiful looks and tips on how to style them.

Which hairstyle suits my dress?

A loosely pinned updo that looks a little undone will suit a romantic gown featuring tulle and lace. If you’ve chosen a classic, unfussy dress, try styling your hair sleek. Wear hair down with big volume to provide a gorgeous contrast to a slimline, simple dress. Natural-looking hairstyles – think loose updos, or braided styles – are particularly beautiful when worn with romantic, elf-like dresses.

Your bridal hair: planning and practice run

Plan a haircare timeline in the lead-up to your wedding, and avoid stress on the day by doing a hair and make-up test run beforehand.


Four weeks before the wedding

Around a month before the wedding is the perfect time for a new cut or change of color. Tip: want to make a big change? Do this well in advance of the wedding, to allow time to correct a possible styling faux pas! Take your time deciding how you want to wear your hair on the big day. Tip: match your hairstyle to your dress. If you’re going to a professional hairstylist, show them a picture of the dress to ensure you achieve a consistently beautiful overall result. Make sure to book your appointment early.


Three weeks before the wedding

Made all the hard decisions? It’s time for a test-run appointment. This allows enough time to adjust and perfect the look. If you’re styling your own hair, or if a friend is styling it for you, do your DIY practice run now.


Two weeks before the wedding

Nothing is more beautiful than fresh shine in your hair. The best time to refresh your hair color (with a toner or semi-permanent) is 14 days before the wedding. Play it safe by avoiding experiments and sticking to your favorite tried and trusted shade.

One week before the wedding

Call your hairstylist to confirm your appointment for the big day. Styling yourself? Start to gather everything you’ll need: mousse, hairspray, styling wax, and styling tools.

One day before the wedding

Wash your hair the day before the ceremony so it has more grip and is easier to style. Blow hair upside down and massage in some styling mousse to create the perfect foundation for the big day. If you’re going to a professional, ask them when you should ideally wash your hair.