Two women with wedding hair stand with their backs to the camera: One with long, dark, curly hair, and the other with a reddish-brown updo
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Wedding Guests: We Reveal How to Get the Most Gorgeous Hairstyles

At a wedding, all eyes are on the bride. But as a guest, you also want to show your best side! We help you match the right hairstyle to the right outfit, and reveal step by step how to recreate some of our favorite looks at home

The golden rule at weddings: It’s the bride’s big day, and she gets the spotlight. That’s why she’s likely been styled by hair and make-up professionals. But bridesmaids and other wedding guests usually have to style themselves. The ideal solution: A simple, yet party-worthy hairstyle that suits both the wedding and your outfit.  

The most gorgeous hairstyles for wedding guests to recreate

To prepare you for the upcoming wedding season, we’ve gathered together our four favorite wedding guest hairstyles. All are easy to recreate at home in front of the mirror, yet will still impress. Check out the most beautiful wedding guest looks! 

Wedding guest hairstyle: braided

For celebratory occasions, braids are a perennial favorite. Why? They’re relatively easy to create, and yet still look fancy. Whether waterfall braid, crown braid or herringbone braid: Braids are sure to get you noticed. Braids harmonize well with romantic, floral prints and lace dresses. Try the mermaid braid – a totally romantic version!

How to do it:

  1. Using a tail comb, separate a section about three fingers wide from the center back of your head. Gather into a ponytail.
  2. Plait into a basic braid down your back, to the ends of your hair, and secure with a hair tie.
  3. Using a curling iron, create soft waves in the rest of your hair. Don’t forget heat protection!
  4. Now gather a section from the side of your head, twist towards your head, and, working from above, insert it into the first loop of your braid.
  5. Repeat the process with hair from the other side of your head, switching back and forth between sides of your head until all your hair is incorporated in the braid. When this is the case, secure the ends with a hair tie.
  6. Slightly loosen the braid with your fingertips to give your hairstyle an undone finish. Fix the end result with a little hairspray.


Want to up the glamor level of your braids? Weave in beads or fine satin or velvet ribbons. Tip: Let your outfit inform your hair accessory color choice.

Wedding guest hairstyle: side swept

The side-swept look sees all your hair styled to one side and elegantly draped over your shoulder. This look is especially good for women with fine hair: With all your hair piled onto one side, you get the impression of more volume! Also, this is a look that can easily be helped along with clip-in extensions. The most beautiful side-swept styles feature curls.


First create your curls with a curling iron, then style to one side. Drape one half of your hair forward over your shoulder, and pin the other half to the back of your head. Our accessory pick: Fine barrettes and hair slides with pearl or diamante embellishments. This elegant look works best with simple, straightforward outfits: Sheath or A-line dresses or a simple jumpsuit provide an ideal match. Pair it with a floor-length chiffon dress for extra elegance.

Wedding guest hairstyle: the half-up

The half-up look is totally beautiful, and also really practical. Why? You get all your hair out of your face, and don’t have to worry about your bangs or any loose tendrils getting in the way. The half-up sees your bangs and the upper/front section of your hair twisted or braided back and secured

at the back of your head with a clip, hair tie or bobby pins. The rest of your hair can be styled straight or curly. Delicate headbands or wide hair slides look super elegant in this style. Since this hairstyle is a mix of playful and casual, it suits an outfit with a similar vibe. Shorter dresses – try knee-length, strapless chiffon – complement the look perfectly.

Wedding guest hairstyle: the simple updo

The updo is a safe choice for any occasion. It looks great, makes an impression, and is easy to do at home in front of the mirror. Strapless dresses or high-necked styles look gorgeous with an updo. First, work some mousse through your hair to give it a little more hold and simplify the styling process. The braided half-bun is a mixture of romantic braided hairstyle and casual half-bun.  

Here’s how to get the look:

  1. Using a tail comb, separate a wide section of hair from the top of your head. Beginning at your forehead, French braid towards the back of your head.
  2. Start by taking only a fine section of the separated hair and dividing into three strands. Each time you cross over while braiding, gather a little more hair from the separated section of hair. Separate a narrow part and divide it into three strands.
  3. Once you reach the back of your head, secure your braid with a hair tie.
  4. Now twist the resulting ponytail into a bun at the back of your head. Secure with bobby pins.
  5. Want to add romance? Weave small flowers or beads into either the braided section or the bun.