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Cool Undone 2015 Bridal Hairstyles

A touch of punk seems to sneak into today’s undone bridal hairstyles. Modern brides wear their hair in natural, unsophisticated styles. By contrast, brides combine their undone hairstyles with sweet frilly bridal dresses and smokey eyes. Playing with contrasting style elements is the modern alternative to wearing classic sleek and romantic updo styles

Couples do not have to dress up the conventional way to say their wedding vows. In 2015, brides are confident to choose their own styles. They dare to be different and prefer modern styles. In our gallery, we show three cool bridal hairstyles for your inspiration:

The Messy Style

Exciting days call for remarkable hairstyles. Modern brides opt for wavy hairstyles like the stringy layered haircut with light streaks.

Brautfrisuren 2015

F/W 2015 bridal style by Vera Wang

Styling Tips: Use a curling iron to create soft waves. Apply styling mousse to the dry (!) hair only after creating the waves. This will create a muted wet appearance.

Perfect Accessories: Long earrings or a straight necklace are eye-catching details while also looking plain and feminine. The simplicity of dress and accessories and the wild hairstyle form an appealing contrast.

Women who do not layer-cut their hair may want to create a semi-updo to tame their long hair. Instructions: Loosely gather your side hair at ear level, twirl or roll the hair and secure it in the back of your head with bobby pins. Allow a few strands to escape and freely hang to the sides.

Undone Side-Swept Hair with Micro Fringes

In this unconventional long hairstyle, most of the wavy hair is pulled back on one side and secured in the back of the neck while the rest of the hair flows over the opposite shoulder. The micro fringes contrast with the long blonde hair. In case a little less contrast is more to your taste, the length of the fringes is adaptable.

2015 Bridal Hairstyles

Bridal hairstyle by Vera Wang Bride

Styling Tip: Create waves in the ends of a few strands of hair using a curling iron. Then use matte paste to accentuate the fringes. Apply salt spray to the entire hair for a rough hair structure. Tousle your hair by running your fingers through it.

The Makeup: This eye-catching hairstyle is best combined with conservative makeup in nude or naturally looking brown and beige tones. The lips are accentuated with reddish brown (rosewood) lipstick colour.

Women who do not want to cut their long fringes can interpret the hairstyle by brushing their long fringes to the side and across the top of their foreheads and securing the ends with bobby pins.

Trendy Bob with Faux Undercut

While not undone, this bob with short and long segments and long covering hair is still cool. If you want to wear this hairstyle only for a short time or a special occasion you can create the illusion of undercut hair without cutting or shaving your hair. This illusion is created with the help of hair gel. In his video, Armin Morbach shows how to imitate the undercut bob style.

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