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A Yen for a Full Head of Hair

Creating more hair volume is easy! You can get a good start on a full head of hair by pulling your hair over a round brush while blow-drying it. Teasing your hair and styling large waves also adds volume. These are just three of the many ways to add volume to your hair for the best and most interesting hairstyles of stars. With our styling tips and video tutorial on creating more hair volume we like to add more hairstyling tools to your arsenal

No doubt, hairstyles with exceptionally large volume are right for special events and for women who are comfortable with attracting a lot of attention. A luxuriant head of hair certainly draws plenty of attention if only because the styles are certainly not of the ordinary type and rarely worn at home and at work.

A Full Head of Hair: Volume as Styling Element

Creating more volume can have very different effects. Building volume in the back of your hair hardly comes across as particularly ostentatious. It is hardly noticeable when the hairstyle is viewed from the front. Increased volume starting right behind the crown of your head tend to make you appear taller. Added volume in the upper back of your head like a banana updo has the same effect. Bouncy and voluminous glamour waves in the upper top part of your hair or a voluminous quiff over your forehead also appear to lengthen your face and add inches to your perceived height. You can use these optically enhancing styling elements to your best advantage.

How to Create a Full Head of Hair

You can add volume to your hair with these tools and styling aids:

Volumising mousse: Work volumising mouse through your towel-dry hair where it is needed, i.e. close to the hair roots and at the ends. Adding the mousse in both places also works well.

Blow-drying with your head hanging upside down: This method adds a lot of bounce to your hair right from the start.

Using your round brush: Start pulling the round brush from the root portion to the ends of the hair strands while following the strokes of the round brush with your blow dryer.

Teasing your hair: Lift individual strands of your hair to tease them with your styling comb while intermittently applying a whiff of hairspray.

Using Velcro rollers: After shampooing work styling mousse through your hair. Then briefly warm up individual strands of hair with your blow dryer and roll them on Velcro curlers. Start with the hair on the crown of your head and work your way toward the neck. Apply hairspray and allow the Klett rollers to remain in your hair for 15 minutes before removing them. Tease the root portion of each strand of hair as you remove the rollers. You are creating more volume with every step.

Turning curls: Sure, curls are naturally more voluminous than straight hair. Did you know that separating your curls into many tiny curls adds additional volume?

Hairspray or volumising hairspray: Use these styling aids particularly for open hairstyles. Apply the spray while hanging your head upside down.

Volumising powder: Lift your hair up and distribute the volumising powder in the hair near your scalp.

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In our video, hair stylist Armin Morbach shows how to create terrific volume using Velcro rollers.

Video Tutorial: How to Create Terrific Volume