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The best updos for curly hair

Updos are not just for smooth, straight hair. Even curly hair can be styled into a pretty, pinned up style. Here, discover looks that are stylish – and perfect for your curls

Does curly hair always have to be worn loose to look its best? Not necessarily. Styled into an updo, curls can look amazing. And they don’t have to be tamed or straightened first. Curly hair just as it is looks beautiful pinned up, with waves giving an updo a playful twist – turning even the simplest style into a total attention grabber. We've picked out the best updos for curly hair – discover the looks in our gallery.

For most of these looks, it’s important that curls fall nicely and don’t look frizzy. To help tame frizz, treat your curls regularly with extra care: Use a hair mask once or twice a week. After washing, work a curling foam or a curling gel through wet hair. This will support bounce and lend curls a healthy shine. Tip: Blow dry your curls with a diffuser attachment. Instead of being blasted with heat, the indirect warm air through the diffuser will beautifully define curls.