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Summertime Updos

Kick up your styling by a notch or two and create one of today’s casual updos. On a hot summer day, updos have the extra advantage of keeping the hair out of the neck. Casual updos are ideal for summer outings, a day on the beach or for lazy summer afternoons in the shade

Summer is here with new fashions and new updos. This year’s summer hairstyles are casual, romantic, playful, and cool.

Summertime Updos: The Ever-Popular Chignon

There are plenty of reasons why women love to wear chignons and why chignons have such staying power among stylish women, dancers, stars, and models. They are versatile enough to express individual styles, and they are as practical as they are beautiful on hot summer days. Wear your chignon version in the great outdoors, on the back porch or wherever you like to spend your summer. Chignons are unbeatable as stylish and practical summer hairstyle!

Actress January Jones (see the photo above) wears her chignon high on the crown of her head. The ends of her gathered hair are not tucked under the chignon and a few strands of hair are allowed to hang free for a delightfully sassy appearance. The bright lipstick and colourful accessories complete the spirited summer style.

Step by step styling instructions for January Jones’ summertime chignon:

1. Apply a small amount of volumising powder to your hair to make it more manageable and to give the chignon more hold.

2. Hang your head upside down and use a scrunchy to gather a ponytail high on the crown of your head.

3. Twist the ponytail until it turns back on itself into a chignon. Secure the chignon using bobby pins or a second scrunchy. Allow some hair ends to peak out from underneath the chignon.

4. Allow a few strands of hair to escape from the updo for an undone hairstyle. You may want to brush a few loose strands of side hair behind your ears.

5. Apply hairspray for secure hold.

In his video, Armin Morbach shows how to create different chignon styles.

Video: Styling Three Different Chignon Versions

There is no shortage of beautiful updos. In our photo gallery, we showcase suitable updos for the hot days of summer and provide styling instructions.

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