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Side Bun: The Glamorous Hair Knot

Looks great from the side: the low hair knot that normally sits at the back of the neck is now coming forward towards the ear. This hairdo looks sensational, is simply perfect for distinguished occasions, and is quick and simple to style. Our how-to video provides step-by-step instructions for the side bun

Recently we have developed closer ties to the chignon than virtually any other hairstyle. What makes it so popular? The hair knot is extremely versatile, handy and highly adaptable. There is one version we like especially well: the side bun. In contrast to the casual top knot, the chignon worn on the side is all about elegance! That is well received. We tell you why it works and how the new side styling upgrades any look.

Side Bun

The classy new chignon: styled to the side looks sophisticated (seen with: Christian Dior)

Trend forecast: the side bun gets you ahead. Embrace the update of the popular hair knot worn in the middle or tied correctly at the back of the neck! The chignon is moving to one side and ahead to the ear. This pole position creates an eye-catching hairstyle that looks strikingly different from the classic knot or ponytail. A clearly unique feature that makes the side bun so successful. With the addition of classy styling – usually the hair is carefully smoothed and gathered – the chic new hairstyle is perfect. A look for upscale celebrations and major occasions, and also for everyday wear (for instance in a styling contrast with destroyed denim, a basic shirt and biker jacket – trendy!).

Hair Styling Instruction: Side Bun

You want to get to know the classic chignon from a whole new side? Then follow these five steps!

What you need: Hair brush, comb, hair gel, hair elastic, hair clips

  1. Brush the hair thoroughly and lay it to one side over the shoulder.

  2. Form a low side parting on the opposite side.

  3. Apply a hazelnut sized amount of hair gel to the hairline. Then carefully distribute the styling product in the lengths using a styling comb.

  4. Twist the hair into a spiral directly behind the ear and tie it with a hair elastic.

  5. Secure with hair pins and hair spray, and you are done!

Video: How-To for the Glamorous Side Bun

This second, braided version of the side bun is especially ingenious – and very easy to style! Our video tutorial shows you how it's done.