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The Quiff: A Lift for Your Hair

Unisex outfits with oversized blazers and boyfriend jeans are now part of every modern woman's wardrobe. Today's women also take some clues from men's hairstyling, and so the quiff has become yet another nifty tool for sassy but flirty role playing. You know how to style your hair like a professional for work and create a playful or dramatic hairdo for a special evening. Adding a quiff to either of these looks adds sophistication to your style. A quiff also makes you appear taller and your face smaller

In the 1950s, James Dean and Elvis Presley made the quiff part of their personal style. Quiffs are not only for men. In the 2012 fashion shows you can see many female models wearing the 1950s style quiff.

Alicia Keys has joined the trend and built a high quiff for a red carpet event.

Tools for Creating a Quiff

In the olden days, people used sugar water and pomade to give their quiffs style and hold. Fortunately, the tools improved until today. For Alicia Keys’ hairstyle you need volumising powder, extra-strength hair spray, hair gel, a styling comb and bobby pins. If your hair is fine you may like to use some hidden hair pieces for more volume.

How to Style a High Quiff:

Alicia Keys' elegant hairdo in side view

1. Work a tennis ball-sized dollop of styling mousse through your towel-dry hair.

2. Blow-dry your hair straight while pulling it over a medium-sized round brush. Make sure to start each brush stroke close to the scalp to create ample volume in the process.

3. Use some gel if your hair is dry. Simply rub a small amount of hair gel between the palms of your hands.

Then use your hands to stroke over the side hair. This will prevent fly-away hair.

4. Alicia Keys’ quiff hairdo starts in the neck with a French braid. Continue the braid all the way across the middle of your head to the crown of your head.

5. It is best to braid while hanging your head upside down. Start French-braiding your hair in the neck and continue braiding all the way to the crown of your head.

6. Secure the end of the bread using a scrunchy. There should still be enough hair left to style a quiff.

7. Blow-dry the quiff portion of your hair over a large round brush to produce as much volume as possible. If you have a little more time you may also roll this portion of your hair on a large curler.

8. Use your styling comb to heavily tease your hair starting close to the scalp.

9. Now roll the end of the braided hair inward in the direction of your forehead and secure the quiff with bobby pins.

10. Provide strong hold and lustre using extra-strength gloss spray.

Quiffs as Part of a Style

Austere hairstyles like the quiff hairdo draw attention to your face and therefore call for elaborate make-up. The very orderly appearance of the hairstyle should be softened through your feminine make-up.

Some shimmering blush on your cheeks softens the lines of your face.

Make the lips or your eyes the focal point of your face and then accentuate this feature. Accentuating your eyes Twiggy style provides a perfect contrast to the austere hairstyle. Red lips are very sexy too.

Now that you have given your hair an orderly structure you should use bronzing powder or blush to emphasize the structure of your face as well.

Striking eyebrows go very well with a quiff hairstyle. Make sure that your eyebrows are perfectly groomed. After all, you can’t hide them under fringes.

Long distinctive earrings are an eye-catching element when combined with a quiff hairstyle. Creole or feather earrings are especially stunning.

Wearing a quiff hairstyle draws attention to you. Keep your outfits in the same minimalistic but feminine style for the most striking appearance.