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Pushing Your Hair out of the Face

Show the world your face, all of it. You may like your fringes to grow in. You are having a bad hair day and what can go wrong has gone wrong already. Chances are you just need some change. We like to show you the best ideas for the most beautiful fringe-free looks, from casual to ultra-glamorous

fringe-free looks

So simple and so glamorous

Sure, fringes (also known as bangs) are trendy, but sometimes they hide a lot of your face. Why would you hide your beautiful eyes or hair line? Try pushing your hair out of your face sometimes; it may look great on you. Most women look good with the hair combed out of the face, unless they have an exceptionally high forehead. The best about the hair style is that any length of hair is suitable for it. A single beautiful slide (barrette) turns a short pixie hair style into a head-turner. All of a sudden, long hair looks surprisingly different with the side hair piled up high.

The Best Conditions for Wearing Pulled Back Hair

Freshly washed hair is beautiful. It is however not easy to style. After conditioning rinses or hair treatments, the hair cuticles are arranged evenly and smoothly. This influences the interactions between individual hairs. They will glide along each other rather than supporting the structure of a hair style. That is not too helpful when you like to pin up your hair.

Therefore, it is best not to try out the here presented hair styles with freshly washed hair. A few little tricks can however make the hair more manageable. Simply work a little mousse or setting lotion through the dry hair and then blow-dry it. Alternatively, you can lightly tease your hair and apply a little hair spray.