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Half-up styles for every hair length

Long hair is an unavoidable prerequisite for many updos. Half-up styles, on the other hand, can work for everyone – even those with mid-length and short locks. Here are three trendy half-up, half-down styles

Not only long-haired women, but also their shorter-haired sisters can wear updos. In particular, half-up, half-down styles can work well on long as well as short and mid-length hair. So get ready for more variety when styling your hair! Whether it’s for a special occasion, a party night or just your everyday look, these three styles won’t disappoint. 

Ideal updo for short hair: The half bun

Admittedly, you do need a little length for this half-up style. Hair should reach your chin. This makes the half bun ideal for those with a bob – a very on-trend starting point. Styling this updo is simple: Gather the upper half of the hair into a bun, and secure with a hair tie, leaving the lower layers loose. Tip: To keep ends looking well-groomed, smooth a few drops of hair oil over your palms and gently knead through hair ends. 

Updo for mid-length hair: The half-crown braid

With a little practice, this half-up style is easy to do. Here’s how it works: First, create a center part. Beginning on the right or the left, pick up a section of hair around 1 ½-2 inches wide, and divide it into three equal parts. Starting at ear level, plait a simple, straight braid. Position the braid horizontally around the back of the head, and fix in place with a couple of hairpins. Now, repeat this process beginning on the other side of the head, and secure the second braid around the back of the head alongside the first. Finish with hair spray. Bonus: This half-updo works on both straight and curly hair.

Half-updo for long hair: The half-up fishtail braid

A half-up fishtail braid is an eye catching updo option for long hair. To create this half-head version of the classic herringbone braid, first gather together the upper half of the hair. This section is to be braided, while the rest of the hair remains loose. Divide the gathered hair into two equal halves. Take a thin strand from the outer section of one of the two halves, and cross it over to join the opposite half. Repeat this process alternately on each side until you have completed the braid. Tip: To finish, loosen a few individual strands – this creates a stylish undone finish. It’s best to work this style on hair that’s not freshly washed. If you need more hold, use hair mousse to add texture.