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Women's Hairstyles in France

French stars like Mélanie Laurent, Marion Cotillard show us their special hairstyles. We have taken a closer look and found some interesting style elements. See whether you like to wear your hair like the French stars

What is the special attraction of French women? Is it their nonchalance, their special magic or their irresistible natural style? It is most likely the combination of all these attributes. Whatever the attraction may be, French actresses were able to win the most coveted prizes and the most sought after movie parts in the world. Mélanie Laurent first fascinated top director Quentin Tarantino and then everybody who saw her in his movie 'Inglorious Bastards'. Almost everybody now knows the enchanting Marion Cotillard after she received her Oscar in 2008 for her role in 'La Vie en Rose'. And who is the new woman starring next to Daniel Craig? Of course, she is French! It is the pretty Bérénice Marlohe.

Nonchalant Hairstyles from France

Have a look at French stars on opening night or on the red carpet at film festivals. Did you notice how natural their hairstyles usually are? These casual styles seem to suit French stars better than the spiffed up versions. ‘Natural’ is the magic word for French women when it comes to their favourite hairstyles.

In practical terms, French women do not wear their straight hair styled in austere fashion but rather a little stringy like Ludivine Sagnier. The wavy fringes caressing the forehead are not strictly defined but tousled like the ones Mélanie Laurent wears. Updos are not precisely arranged but casually and loosely pinned up like Marion Cotillard demonstrates. Bérénice Marlohe lets her curls fall casually over one shoulder and individual strands may go where the wind blows them. Soft waves remain undefined like Charlotte Gainsbourg likes them. Hair must look natural. Perfection is out!

Please enjoy the hairstyles of French stars in our gallery. We like to explain the details and show you how to style these casual French hairdos.

Gallery: Hairstyles from France