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Hairspray or Hair Lacquer for the Perfect Finish

Hairsprays keep everything up! The volume is up, updos stand up to wind and weather, and distinctive hairstyle elements stand up even against gravity. As a bonus effect, hairsprays also add irresistible shine to hair. We like to put you in full command of this magic styling aid

We are still not done singing the praises of hairsprays. Aside from providing hold, they also protect from UV damage, keep the hair colour brilliant and nourish the hair. No matter whether your hair is thick or sparse, straight or curly, there is a proper hairspray made for your hair.

How Much Power Do You Want in Your Hairspray?

Conveniently, hairsprays come in different strength. As a matter of principle, you should always select the least holding power, which still serves your purpose. We like to help you find the hairspray strength, which gives your hair sufficient hold, but leaves it looking naturally soft rather than stiff or brittle.

Hairspray Strengths 1 and 2: This hairspray provides whisper hold without confining movement and bounce. It is therefore ideal to prevent fly-away hair and to support the undone look.

Hairspray Strengths 3 and 4 holds curls in place without stickiness. Hairsprays with more holding power may weigh down waves and curls.

Hairspray Strength 5: Styling elaborate updos is only worthwhile when the hairstyle survives long enough. Strength 5 hairspray guarantees this survival.

Hairspray Strength 6: At this strength level, hairspray is also called hair lacquer. Hair lacquer is the right choice for elaborate hairstyles, which must hold up an entire busy or significant day.

How to Use Hairspray Properly:

You may remember the rigid hairstyles in the TV series "Dynasty". We want to help you use hairspray without such "helmet hair" effects.

The cardinal rule is "Less is more!" You can always apply a second helping of hairspray if more hold is needed a few hours after styling. This strategy avoids weighing the hair down with too much hairspray and creating all the allure of gummed up hair.

Remember to hold the hairspray container upright and at least 4 inches away from your hair.

Move the hairspray around your hairdo in smooth circular motion so that the hairspray evenly settles on your hair. Caution! Applying too much hairspray in one spot is certain to gum up your hair.

Hairspray may also be used to provide fine hair with more volume. Hang your head upside down so that you are able to apply the hairspray close to the hair roots. Lifting the covering hair and spraying its underside provides the ultimate push-up effect. This method also works exceedingly well if your fringes need more bounce.

In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach not only shows you how to style a banana updo, but also how to recognize superior quality hairsprays.

Video: How to Style a Banana Updo