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The Chignon – High Art

Did this ever happen to you? Your hair stylist convinced you to an adventure of a hair style and now you hardly recognize yourself in the mirror? The new look was supposed to be sooo cool. This would have never happened with a hair style classic like the chignon


Jennifer Love Hewitt looks great with her oversized chignon. The hair is pulled back so that we can fully appreciate her beautiful face

The chignon is one of the most beautiful updos. Chignons are currently very much back in style. If worn low in the nape of the neck, the classic chignon looks noble. High on top of the head and styled in a slightly tousled way, the chignon creates a young and modern appearance.

Styling chignons is easy once you get the knack of it. Slightly tease the hair and brush it back to gather it into a ponytail. Turn the ponytail around several times and arrange it in a spiral. Use hair pins to secure the chignon and apply hair spray to keep the hair from unravelling at the first wind gust.