Hair Styling | Updo hairstyles

Glamour-Look 3: Amy Adams opted for a romantic hair style

Her midnight-blue Marchioness gown and her softly pinned hair style both caught everyone’s eyes. We shared the enthusiasm but here we will focus only on her hair

Here is how it’s done:

  • Step 1: Blow-dry the more than shoulder-length hair over a large round brush or alternatively, put your hair on large Velcro rollers before blow-drying it. Your hair should not be curly but rather fall in generous waves
  • Step 2: Slightly tease your hair in the back of your head to create more volume. Then comb the covering hair over the teased hair
  • Step 3: Now gather your entire hair loosely in the back and roll it loosely to the inside. Use hairpins to secure the large inside role in the back. The hairpins should not be visible
  • Step 4: Pull a few strands of hair toward your face for a soft look
  • Step 5: Use plenty of hair spray for lustre and hold