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Easy updos you can achieve

Updos don’t always need to be complicated. From top knots to chignons: We introduce the quickest, easiest – and most gorgeous – updos for you to recreate yourself

No question: Well-groomed hair, worn down, is always a pretty sight. But undone hair is rarely an eye catcher. Elegant updo styles, on the other hand, almost always draw attention. But who has time to spend hours putting up their hair every morning? No one! So, we went in search of the easiest updos for you to try. Simply follow our instructions to get the look in no time. Let’s get styling!

Top knot

If we had to choose a style upon which to bestow the title “The World’s Most Beloved Updo”, the top knot would get our vote. Why? Because the high bun is wonderfully uncomplicated, is guaranteed to succeed, and takes just a couple of minutes to achieve. How to do it:

  1. Fix hair in a high ponytail.
  2. Twist ponytail several times to form a bun.
  3. Fix in place with a second hair tie and hair spray.

Loose French twist

The French twist has a bit of a lame reputation. Many see this updo as boring, old and out of style. Maybe that was once the case; however: Style it a little looser, and the French twist immediately takes on a new, trendy edge. See for yourself with these instructions for a loose French twist:

  1. Tie long hair in a low ponytail.
  2. Loosely twist hair upwards and fix with hair pins.
  3. Loosen individual strands and apply hair spray.
  4. As the icing on the cake, add stylish hair clips, slides or barrettes.


This evergreen style is sometimes more, sometimes less popular. Currently, this elegant updo is experiencing a revival, often worn by young and old as a romantic alternative to the classic bun. This is also because a chignon is so easy to style. A quick guide to this updo:

  1. Tie hair in a ponytail at the middle of the back of the head, binding the ends of hair with a second hair tie.
  2. Loop the ponytail down and bring the tied ends back up to the base, fixing the two hair ties together with a hair pin.
  3. Spread out the chignon and fix on both sides with hairpins. Tip: Use a gloss spray to finish.

Side bun

Asymmetry has not only secured its place in the fashion world – it’s also an enduring hair trend. Particularly popular is the side bun. Here come the instructions for this simple side updo:

  1. Create a side part.
  2. Tie hair into a low ponytail on the same side of head as the side part.
  3. As with the top knot, twist hair around the base of the ponytail to form a loose bun, leaving a few individual strands loose.
  4. Secure ends with hair clips and hair spray. Tip: This style works perfectly for curly hair, too!