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The All-Time Favourite Chignon

Chignons can look austere, casual or undone. They can be styled high up on the crown of the head, low in the neck, on the side or everywhere in between. If you want a hairstyle to showcase you creativity, the chignon is the ideal choice. We hope you find inspiration for your new chignon style in our gallery

Chignons are close to outranking ponytails in popularity. Both hairstyles are easy to master, and they are as practical as they are beautiful. Only one styling step separates the ponytail from the chignon, but this step can add a world of class, beauty and interest to your hairstyle.

The Chignon – Versatile, Classy and Stylish

Chignons can be styled in many different ways. Little changes make a surprising difference in style.

• Different from ponytails, chignons can be placed anywhere, even on the crown of the head. The hair is contained in the chignon and cannot fall into the face.

• Chignons look very feminine and alluring if styled casually and placed on one side of the head.

• Hair donuts give chignons more volume.

• It is easy to give chignons a festive or glamorous character with hair jewellery. Very simply styled or sleek chignons look quite elegant.

• Wear a messy chignon for the opposite effect. There should be plenty of happy opportunities for this soft, light-hearted style. Simply pull a few strands of side hair out of your chignon hairdo and allow them to frame your face. Undone chignons should not show any particular structure.

Chignons are among the simplest of updos. Dependent the desired style or the length of your hair, you may decide to tease, twirl or braid either the hair in the chignon or the rest of the hair. All these options allow you to invent or vary many different chignon styles. Your creativity reigns!

In his video presentation, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach demonstrates how to style three different chignon styles. In our gallery, we show how stars and models wear chignons.

Video: How to Style Three Different Versions of the Chignon

Gallery: Styling Chignons

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