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Asymmetric Semi-Updos

Amanda Seyfried found a great way to show off her beautiful blonde curls and waves. She simply twirled her right side-hair while pulling it back. She then secured the twirled hair at about ear level. The rest of the hair falls over her shoulders in glamorous long waves and curls. This feminine look is enchanting.

Asymmetric updos come in many variations. What they have in common is the simplicity of styling and the way they call for creativity. Semi-updos may actually become your favourite hairstyle. It works even on a bad hair day. The asymmetry of these updos distracts from the much more subtle asymmetries of the facial features, which may explain why this style works so well for so many women.

The Many Sides of Semi-Updos


Jessica Jarrell, Jessica Simpson and Sarah Gadon wear their asymmetric semi-updos well

Styling asymmetric semi-updos is easy. Simply pull up the hair on one side of your head and secure the strands of hair. There is no limit to the creative ways you can do this. Our photos show some of the many styles you can create. Amanda Seyfried demonstrates the classic semi-updo, Sarah Gadon shows the nonchalant version, Jessica Simpson shows us the ‘girl-next door side of her personality, and young singer Jessica Jarrell found a way to look mature yet playful. Asymmetric semi-updos often combine alluring qualities with sassy playfulness. The asymmetric styling works well with straight, wavy or curly hair. You can exercise your creativity by adding braids and twirls to the style.

You can style the free flowing hair to express your style and to create hairstyles, which fit your activities at the time. Defined waves and curls give semi-updos a touch of elegance (see Amanda Seyfried’s hairstyle) while casual waves (Sarah Gadon) suggest a carefree lifestyle. High-volume, high-gloss semi-updos with playful large waves (Jessica Simpson) are perfect for parties. Jessica Jarrell managed a professional yet playful look with her sleek, perfectly styled semi-updo with braided side hair.

Volumising powder or styling mousse provides the necessary volume and manageability for semi-updos.