Two women with mini bun macaron buns
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A sweet new trend: Macaron buns

French women are known for their unique style – now, they’ve done it again with these cute macaron buns! These sweet mini-buns, styled at the nape, are proving just as popular as their delicious namesake

We mainly think of macarons as a sweet treat from France. But recently, the small, round treats have also been the source of inspiration for a current it hairdo: Macaron buns. Just as round and sweet as their namesake, these two small, low chignons have been spotted gracing the napes of French trendsetters. It’s unsurprising that this trend, also known as “low space buns,” has spread beyond the French borders to find more and more fans worldwide.

Easy styling tips for sweet mini buns

Fancy some sweet temptation for your hair? Voilà: Here are the step by step instructions to achieve macaron buns:


  1. Create a center part, dividing hair into two halves.
  2. Starting at ear height, twist hair on both sides of head into a loose, spiral bun, fixing each bun low down against your neck with a transparent hair tie.
  3. For a French, “laissez-faire” touch, loosen both buns, pulling out a few strands.
  4. Finish with hair spray.


Is your hair too long to hold the spiral bun style? Then first braid hair in two loose braids, then twist into macaron buns.

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