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Short hairstyle trend: the undercut for women

An Undercut is casual and cool - but it can just as easily be styled to look feminine and chic. We reveal what's special about this trend and how easy it is to style. Then all you need is the courage to make the chop!

You probably remember that short hair was a big - or rather short - deal in 2017. From Buzzcuts and Shags to Pixie Cuts, there were plenty of funky short hairstyles to choose from. The short hair trend is set to continue in 2018. A rebellious look currently turning heads: the undercut for women. It's a more versatile hairstyle than you may suspect at first sight. It can look edgy or elegant, depending on how it is styled. How to get it right? Find out here what makes this edgy look so special.

Here's how to cut and style the Undercut for women with short hair

Undercut  hairstyle from behind

Typical Undercut: very short hair on the lower part of the head.

For an Undercut, keep the top layer relatively long, while the hair on the lower half of your head is cut to about three millimeters. The top length is determined individually – that's what makes the undercut so versatile.

If the top layer has a length of about 10 to 15 centimeters, it can be swept back elegantly. A bit of volumizing powder applied at the roots gives the look a stylish, voluminous finish. The undercut looks edgy if it's layered and then ruffled with a gel wax. If the top hair is shorter, it can also be mussed to look casually effortless. Tip: Use a gel with a matt effect for an on-trend finish.

The Undercut for women with long hair

Woman with Undercut and long hair

Women with long hair can also have part of their hair cut short - it's called a sidecut. One side stays long, while the other side is cut extremely short. These two opposites create a very extravagant effect.

The shorter the hair is on one side, the more extreme and daring the result. Tip: The sidecut looks best with a side part on the shaved side of the hair. To ensure that the long hair falls beautifully, incorporate a glossy spray and create gentle waves with a curling iron.

Does an Undercut suit me?

Woman with Undercut and long hair 2

Even with long hair, an undercut looks stylish!

Basically, the Undercut suits most women, thanks to a variety of styling options. It's important that the hairstyle is maintained regularly, roughly every six weeks. Only then does the cut retain its shape. The shaved parts in particular grow out relatively quickly. By the way: Take the Undercut to the next level with dyed hair. Trendy hair colors that look great on the undercut include Icy Blond or a strong Burgundy.

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