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The Mohawk Haircut: Standing Tall

For a Mohawk haircut only a centre strip of top hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck is not razor cut to stubbles. This top hair is styled upward. Considering that undercuts are more common these days, the punky Mohawk may also become a mainstream hairstyle

Soccer players and stars acted as trailblazers for undercut hairstyles. David Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Josh Duhamel and others showcased the racy haircuts. Meanwhile, undercuts are no longer only an option for celebrities and very confident people. Will Mohawk haircuts follow the same path from playgrounds and red carpets to homes and offices.

What is a Mohawk haircut?

The Mohawk Hairstyle

Soccer player Mario Balotelli wears the modern short version of the Mohawk haircut, while kicker Philippe Mexes’s Mohawk and bleached hair are slightly more distinct

Characteristic of the Mohawk haircut are the razor-cut sides and the centre strip of upward styled longer hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck not unlike a cock’s comb. The length of the top hair may vary. In the winsome Mohawk version, the top hair is short as shown by Mario Balotelli (left photo). The top hair is longer and styled upward with gel and hairspray in the striking Mohawk version on the right. Mohawk haircuts will definitely attract attention if the hair is also dyed in an unusual colour or bleached (see Kelly Osbourne with purple hair and soccer player Philippe Mexes with bleached hair [see photos]).

The Mohawk are a Tribe of the Iroquois Federation

Until recently, the eye-catching historic hairstyles of Mohawk men on the war path were popular almost exclusively in modern punk and gothic cultures. The hairstyles are now also adopted by soccer stars, movie stars, and celebrities. While the Mohawk are only one of many tribes of the Iroquois Federation, in various regions of the world, the names are often used interchangeably.

Wearing Undercuts Requires Confidence

The Mohawk Hairstyle

Willow Smith (left) and Dominique Tipper (right) both wearing a Mohawk hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyles appear to add a little height to your frame. In today’s Western cultures, Mohawk hairstyles no longer have cultural significance but rather serve people who like to stand out in the crowd or want to look like a rebel. Will Smith’ daughter Willow Smith, actress Dominique Tipper and singer Kelly Osbourne provide Mohawk styling inspiration. Current interest in Mohawk hairstyles makes it easier for men and women to become trailblazers for the striking hairstyle. You may want to soften the edgy Mohawk hairstyle using lipstick and eye makeup for a soft feminine expression.

The Faux Mohawk

The Mohawk Hairstyle

Singer JC Chasez with short Mohawk and a long-haired model with faux Mohawk

Mohawk hairstyles may not be around for an extended period. If you prefer to test the style first or want to wear the Mohawk only once or twice you have the option to simulate the Mohawk style. If your hair is short simply style the top hair upward toward the centre using hair wax and hairspray. Use gel to comb the side hair close to the scalp. If your hair is long comb the side hair toward the upper back of your head and secure it using bobby pins. Then tease the top hair on the crown of the head and drape it over the gathered side hair. Use hairspray to keep the hair in place.

Mohawk Haircut for Little Warriors

The Mohawk Hairstyle

Young boy wearing a Mohawk haircut at the Kids Fashion Week in New York

Memo to parents: It takes some spirit to pull off an unusual haircut. Peer pressure is everywhere even in Kindergarten. However, Mohawk haircuts and undercuts are a cool hairstyle option for boys if they are ready, willing, and able to stand their ground. Photos help boys and girls to decide whether a Mohawk is a good choice for them. You may also demonstrate the style after shampooing you child’s hair.

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