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Always on trend: The Men’s Undercut

The Undercut has become a men’s hair staple. We tell you what makes the trendy cut so special and how to wear the style

From fashionable trendsetters and edgy underdogs to stylish gentlemen: The Undercut suits everyone, thanks to its variability. The top layer of hair remains relatively long, while the sides are “under cut” much shorter. The length of the upper layer is up to you, which makes the Undercut so versatile. It can be styled to look cool, grungy, edgy, or even sleek. How? Find out here.

How to style the male Undercut

Man with Undercut, jacket and sunglasses

A typical Undercut: super short sides.

This cut has serious styling potential! The longer top layer can be styled as you please. Add volume with a hairdryer and styling mousse. Wax and gel create fun and funky looks in minutes. Whether you’re going for wild and ruffled, curled with a quiff or classic and swept back – this haircut is perfect for anyone who likes to switch it up. Give it a punk update by dyeing the top layer. Purple or blond Undercut styles are currently on trend.

Blast from the Past

Man with tapered Undercut

A tapered Undercut is particularly stylish.

Business at the sides, party on top. Some may remember this look from the 80s. The current trend, however, is a variation on the classic: Long hair falling over the shorter portion. You can achieve the chosen effect by adjusting the length on top and at the sides.

The hair at the sides can be cut short or even shaved. Only the brave shave it off completely
The neck should be cut as short as the sides. The longer sections take up the width of your head or a little less and are combed to one side or swept back.

Undercut styling tips for men

The best thing about the Undercut: You only have to style the long upper sections. If it’s four to six inches long, it can be swept back casually. This works best when your hair is full and shiny. How to achieve the look? Simple:

  1. Wash hair with volume shampoo or apply volumizing mousse to towel dried hair.
  2. Blow dry back over a round brush. Alternatively, blow dry upside down.
  3. For an extra boost, dust volumizing powder on your roots.
  4. Sweep hair back or to one side with gel or use matte effect wax, ruffling your hair with your fingers while you apply it.

Other Undercut variations

one dam image
Longer hair draped across the face for a cool look.

Men with longer hair can also get ultra-short sides – then the Undercut only becomes visible when the hair is tied up into a Man Bun.

An Undercut really makes the most of curly hair, as an unruly mop contrasts nicely with the tidy sides. The curls can fall into the face or be swept back with gel. If only one side is cut short, it’s referred to as a Sidecut.

For those in need of a more conservative haircut, perhaps because of job requirements, a tapered Undercut is ideal. The gentle transition between the long top and short sides looks elegant and is a good way to try the trend on for size.


This haircut requires some upkeep and should be trimmed every four to six weeks to retain its shape. The shorter sections grow out pretty quickly.