Woman combing her long brown hair with round brush
Hair Styling | Tips and tricks

Building Volume into Your Hair - Here is how!

Almost one of two women (48 percent) would like their hair to have more volume. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, help is on the way. There is a solution even though your hair may be rather fine or limb. We are going to share with you our secret about giving hair a real boost using a hair dryer and rollers as well as the proper care and styling products

Building volume into your hair

Volume does not have to go far above your head!

The end of flat heads is here! Special care series for fine and limb hair are going to help you build up a full head of hair.  Shampoo, rinses and lotions containing a collagen complex will give more substance to your hair near the scalp and immediately produce the appearance of more volume. Using silicon-free hair care formulas keeps your hair from going limb again.

For best results you should use an alcohol-free mousse before blow-drying your hair. This gives your hair more volume without drying it out. Simply towel your hair dry and then work a tennis ball-sized portion of mousse through it. You need to work the mousse only through the hair near your scalp if your hair is longer.

Blow-drying your hair against the grain creates volume

Your best allies in the quest for big hair are a good hair dryer and the proper brush. First dry your hair until it is only slightly damp using the medium setting of your hair dryer. A hair dryer with diffuser attachment works well for curly hair. Simply guide the hair dryer in small circular motions over the hair closest to your head. Using a round brush gives volume to longer straight hair.

First gather the top layer of your hair and hold it with a clip on top of your head. Then start pulling the bottom portions of your hair over a round brush while blowing some warm air against the strands. Give your hair style the final polish by leaving the brush in your hair for a while. Allow your hair to cool and then take the brush out of your hair without disturbing its shape. Use the same technique to style the top layer of your hair.

Big Hair: Six Tips from the Expert

  • Do not blow-dry your hair with your head hanging upside down. This only leads to unruly and scraggy hair. You will get better results by tilting your head sideways and blow-drying your hair using a paddle brush
  • Every now and then, you should part your hair on the opposite side of your head. This will give your hair more bounce in an instance
  • Using hair spray provides more volume if you spray it underneath your hair strand by strand rather than spraying it over your hair
  • Heated rollers provide fuller hair in a flash. Remember, you need to use large rollers to give your hair volume. The smaller the rollers the more likely you will create curls instead
  • Make sure that the head of your round brush is large enough. The bristles should slightly extend through your rolled up hair. This technique does not only give your hair volume but also perfect lustre
  • Use structure-producing styling products such as gels and waxes sparingly. Also make sure to work such products from the bottom through your hair rather than putting them on top of the new hair growth