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Petra Němcová Wears Her Two-Tone Hair Side-Swept and Sassy

Side-swept hair is more popular than ever. Top model Petra Němcová made the style her own by adding the two-tone effect and sleeked back hair to it. The playful look is perfect for models and for everybody with long healthy hair

The Czech supermodel Petra Němcová has succeeded in her career beyond her wildest dreams. In admirable style, she put her stardom to good use as founder of the ‘Happy Hearts Foundation’. Tirelessly, she helps to provide schooling for children after natural catastrophes. The catastrophic 2004 tsunami in Thailand sparked her initiative. Petra Němcová survived this tsunami merely by the skin of her teeth. Her style reflects her strong, joyful personality. Her brilliant smile shows how much she is at ease with herself. The zestful way she sweeps her two-tone hair over one shoulder perfectly fits her looks and attitude.

Petra Němcová Is the Perfect Model for the Side-Swept Hairstyle

Side-Swept Hair
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The side-swept style is attractive because it invites creativity and variation. The hairstyle lends itself to interpretation for elegant occasions and is equally suitable for fun times at festivals or at the beach. Side-swept hair can be silky straight, wavy or curly.

On the left: There are many ways to sweep your hair over one shoulder. The lighter part of Petra Němcová’s hair falls freely across her forehead and down over one shoulder. In this version, her hair is silky and straight. The plain look without hair slide complements her simple black dress.

Creating the Side-Swept Hairstyle of Petra Němcová

The significant feature of Petra Němcová’s hairstyle is the straight hair on one side, which is pulled back in an austere way. The hair on the other side is given free rein to cascade or flow over the shoulder in wild curls or as a silken stream. There are no limits to creatively modify the look. Petra Němcová gave the style an almost graphic quality with her two-tone hair. The shimmer of her blonde hair pulls the attention back to the feminine nature of the hairstyle.

Get these tools ready and start creating your Petra Němcová-inspired side-swept look:

Heat protectant, blow-dryer, curling iron, hair slide, hair gel, and hairspray

Styling instructions for the Petra Němcová-inspired side-swept look:

  1. Apply heat protectant to the towel-dry hair before you blow-dry your hair.
  2. Create a low straight side parting. Then use a curling iron to create waves or curls in the long part of your hair. Now, sweep your hair over one shoulder.
  3. On the other side, comb your hair straight back and keep the side hair in place using a small amount of hair gel.
  4. A small stylish hair slide holds the free-flowing hair back over the forehead.
  5. Hairspray provides lustre for a perfect finish.