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The Comeback of the Crimp: Crimped Hair is Hot in 2018

At the turn of the millennium, everybody wanted crimped hair. Those who still have their crimping iron from back in the day can rejoice: crimping is back! The coolest look in 2018 is crimped hair. We reveal this reborn trend – and how it looks today  

Perhaps in the early 2000s you were one of those girls whose crimping iron (alongside the essential flat iron) was one of your favourite styling tools. Great! Because: crimped hair is back. But relax: crimping in 2018 doesn’t look like it did back then. 2018 crimped hair doesn’t overwhelm your entire head, but works with just part of your hair. Think: fine textural highlights – for example, paired with a braid. Crimped hair can also be combined with cool accessories like a beanie, or as a fresh way of styling bangs.  

How to style crimped hair now

Be on top of things – with the new, discreet crimping styles in our gallery: It’s easiest to get a crimp in your hair when it’s not freshly washed – about day-old hair is best. Hair should be at least shoulder length. If you want to wash your hair right before crimping, ensure you dry it well. In either case: use heat protection, because a crimping iron reaches temperatures similar to those of a flat iron.


Now work out individual sections of hair to be crimped. Allow crimped sections to cool briefly before you continue styling. Tip: don’t pull hair through the iron as when straightening, but work your way down the hair lengths. Hold to crimp, then release – and continue down the hair like this to the ends.
Because crimping can be tough on hair, it’s best to take a break for a couple of days between crimped styles, and care for the hair with extra moisture. Hair masks or nourishing hair oil are great for this.

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If you like to keep it low key: minimally styled crimped hair also looks great!

These cuts suit crimped hair

Back of head view of woman with ponytail and crimped hair

Crimped hair elevates a simple ponytail to the top of the trend scale.

As we mentioned above, a particularly cool way to use crimping right now is as a kind of textural highlight. Take it to the next level by crimping strands that are brightly coloured. A creped ponytail also looks fresh. To achieve this look, simply style hair into a ponytail. Only crimp the ponytail section, leaving roots and mid-lengths smooth. For a straight, glossy finish, apply hair spray or shine spray to roots and mid-lengths.

Woman with crimped hair and bangs

For a stunning look, crimp all your hair – even your bangs. Need inspiration? Check out model and got2b ambassador Bonnie Strange.

Here’s another “Instagramable” look: leave your hair out and loose, but crimp hair at one level. For example: from the eyes to the lips, from the chin to the ends, or... you get the picture – it’s your choice! Hair spray gives the look extra hold. If you have bangs, crimp just your bangs. Result: an edgy look! Like it low key? Try crimping just a few fine strands, which, upon second glance, will stand out as cool textural highlights.