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Hair styling instruction: Taylor Swift’s sleek look

From country star to pop princess – with charm, talent and a flair for style, Taylor Swift has succeeded in becoming one of the most celebrated stars of a whole generation. Her look: a mix of school girl and Lolita. Her signature styling: Clavi-cut and beach waves. Now the singer is surprisingly styling her hair in the sleek wet look. Our hairstyle assessment: It all went smoothly!

Super successful, scandal-free and with a circle of friends that couldn’t be better (the clique includes the hottest it girls and models like Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss)... Taylor Swift is probably the brightest star in the heavens right now. 44 million followers on Instagram and nearly 75 million friends on Facebook show just how many fans the former sweet country girl has today. Taylor Swift knows how to handle the masses: like the nice girl from next door. She posts personal comments under photos of her fans, like this: 'You are incredibly beautiful. I wish you would see it that way too.' The sevenfold Grammy winner often supports girls who are mobbed by sending them motivational letters. Perhaps that is because the singer herself used to be the victim of bullying by her fellow students, since she preferred listening to country instead of hip hop. But for her, insecurity is a thing of the past. As a star worth millions (her estimated annual income is 64 million dollars), Taylor Swift has made it to the very top. She found her own personal style in doing so and remains true to herself. Her fans love that.

Taylor Swift: From the country charts to pop star

The famous blonde was first attracted to the stage at the tender age of ten. She launched her career with karaoke and set a goal of signing a record deal even then. In Nashville, the country music stronghold. Her role models: Country icons like Dolly Parton and Shania Twain. At age 14 the dream came true – the teenager was discovered at a performance and became a country singing young star. Nearly eleven years later, the American miracle miss has laid aside the Nashville sound and landed an absolute coup with her first pop album '1989' (Taylor Swift’s year of birth)! With nearly six million copies sold, she received a Grammy for the 'most successful album of the year' in 2014.

Taylor Swift: Her look – a short story

Taylor Swift hairstyle
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Short dress, high heels and fringe bob with waves – that is the typical Taylor-made look

Taylor Swift not only loves music but also fashion. When it comes to styling, she is the approachable girl again (notwithstanding millions in the bank). She wears designer brands like Miu Miu and Dolce & Gabbana – but likes to mix it up with a jacket off the rack. When it comes to the cut, she usually prefers it short. Shorts and minis are her speciality. Taylor Swift almost always combines her outfits with high heels, cherry-red lips and a black eyelid line. A bit Lolita but never too much. Her hairstyle almost appears a bit unsophisticated: natural blonde, well-behaved long bob, sweet fringe and soft waves. But precisely that is part of the Taylor effect – the scandal-free singer prefers to be sweet rather than too sexy. 

Taylor Swift’s sleek look

Taylor Swift hairstyle
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New: Taylor Swift with sexy sleek hair and long evening gown

In contrast, the look Miss Swift presented at the Elle Style Awards broke just about every Taylor rule. A low-cut, floor-length lingerie dress slit high on the leg. With it and just as unusual, the hair in the wet look trend. So hot! And so surprisingly good. Proof that the innocent musician has mastered the transformation to a self-confident pop star who knows what she wants. This makes Taylor Swift’s self-confident sleek style especially appealing. How nice that you can easily do it yourself. How it’s done:

What you need for Taylor Swift’s sleek look:

Hair gel, comb, hair dryer and hair spray

Step-by-step to the Swift surprise look

1. Comb your hair thoroughly and form a low side parting.

2. Spread a hazelnut-sized amount of hair gel on your fingers and distribute through your dry hair.

3. Repeat the process with another portion of hair gel, carefully working it in from the hairline into the lengths. Shape a small quiff on the forehead. Attention: The ends stay dry!

4. Style your hair to the side behind the ear.

5. Then lightly blow dry the hairstyle and you are done!