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Hair Tutorial: Vanessa Hudgens' Screwdriver Curls

On the jump to the first ranks of Hollywood: "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens (22) is on her way to the very top. Presently, she can be seen in two movies at the same time. In "Beastly" she plays the main role on the side of Alex Pettyfer, at the premiere of "Sucker Punch" past week, she presented herself with soft screwdriver curls

This is probably what one calls global beauty: Actress Vanessa Hudgens hat Irish, Red Indian, Spanish, Chinese and Philippine roots. Also: Both of her parents grew up in musical families who's members played in big bands during the swing era of the past century. These are the perfect ingredients for a career in Hollywood. At the age of eight, Vanessa  Hudgens played in her first musicals, followed by various appearances in movies and finally the Disney hit "High School Musical", where "Nessa", as her mother calls her, sings, dances and acts in a way that is simply fun to watch.

Right now, the fantasy thriller "Sucker Punch" was released, where she reveals the fighter in herself, acting at the side of Emily Browning. In "Beastly" - a modern adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast" she plays the Belle - naturally.

Vanessa Hudgens' hair style

The singer and actress could also see her as the future Catherine Zeta-Jones. Especially with her new curly look, which you can adapt to yourself very easily.

Step by step to a hair styling like Vanessa Hudgens

Your hair should be of medium length. Preferably, it should not be freshly washed. All you need are 12 to 16 thick papillotes, a strong hair setting, some styling cream and some hair spray.

  • Starting at the middle of your head, separate relatively thick strands of hair, spray them with hair setting, twist them and wind them tightly around the papillotes. For the covering hair to remain straight, you should not fasten them to tightly to your head
  • Continue the same way at both sides of your head and finish with the rearward section. Finally, stabilize everything with hair setting
  • Use a hair dryer to heat up the coiled strands, adjusting it to a low fan speed at high temperature. Give yourself some time to let the twisted strands cool down
  • The papillotes should remain in your hair at least for one hour (preferably longer). Before you unwind the hair, briefly use the hair dryer to heat it up once again and let it cool down
  • Carefully unwind each of the strands and slightly loosen them with your fingers
  • Die einzelnen Strähnen jetzt vorsichtig ausdrehen und nur mit den Fingern leicht auflockern
  • Rub your hands with a little styling cream and squeeze the curls slightly. Create your own personal look by gently pulling out some of the strands
  • Finally, apply some hair spray to improve the stability of your hair styling and you're done

Our hint for a faster styling:

If your hair has natural waves anyway, an electric curler might be sufficient to gain this look. In this case, the separated strands should not be too thin, for this would result in too small screwdriver curls.

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