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Style of the Stars: Drew Barrymore

Yes, two-toned (ombre) hair is fit for big events! Not long ago, actress Drew Barrymore convincingly demonstrated this at the Chanel & Charles pre-Oscar dinner party in Los Angeles. Drew Barrymore’s devil-may-care look contrasted beautifully with her gown and properly drew much attention to her face

At the tender age of six, a little pig-tailed girl befriended an extra-terrestrial and found herself catapulted in the lofty heights of stardom. Yet, the course for her ascent to Hollywood fame had been set even earlier. Long before her godfather Steven Spielberg discovered her for the big screen in his science fiction hit ‘ET’ and before she could even walk, Drew Barrymore posed for commercials. After all, she had been born into a family with acting tradition. The sudden fame after her role in ET was too much, and the young star collapsed. She was only nine when she got drunk for the first time; she did her first joint at age ten and promptly graduated to cocaine at age 12. The short and sad descent from grace was followed by treatments for addiction and then finally, a remarkable comeback in the 1990s.

Drew Barrymore’s Hair Style

Drew Barrymore’s hair styles have changed as often as the fortunes of her life. Her hair has changed from blonde to brunette, from unruly bob to a glamorous sixties look. Variety is part of her style. Right now, two-toned hair is her favourite. She wears it well, looking natural and trendy at the same time. The combination of middle parting and soft wavy hair gives her facial features special appeal.

Drew Barrymore’s Hair Style is Quite Simple

  • You probably don’t want to wait until your dyed hair has grown out about half way. For a professional look you should start by selecting two attractive rich hair colours, one for the hair near the roots and one for the hair toward the ends. The harder the contrast, the more pronounced is the effect
  • Wavy hair shows off two-toned hair to its best advantage. It is no problem if your hair happens to be straight. Simply put some large rollers into your hair and apply some hair spray. Then use your fingers to push your hair into the proper shape

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