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How to Style Amanda Seyfried's Wavy Hair

Amanda Seyfried dazzled with an appearance fit for a fairy tale wearing a pleated mauve sateen robe, sapphire blue jewellery and soft wavy hair. Her new movie 'Red Riding Hood' however is everything but a harmless remake of the fairy tale. In fact, it is a horror movie and somewhat on the raunchy side

Amanda Seyfried has grown up since her big success as Sophie in the musical movie 'Mama Mia'. She has however managed to keep her young-girl charm. On March 7 at the premiere of her new movie 'Red Riding Hood', Amanda dazzled with her pinned up soft wavy hair. (The movie opens in Germany on April 21.) It is hard to believe, but the captivating and charming 25-year old plays the horror version of Red Riding Hood!

For Amanda Seyfried’s Hair Style You Need:

Styling or setting lotion, large heated rollers, hair pins, hair spray or glaze

Hair Tutorial: How to Create the Wavy Style

  • Spray setting or styling spray into your dry hair before rolling it on heated curlers. Take the rollers out of your hair once they are cool and comb your hair
  • Brush your hair back and pin it into a very casually gathered bun
  • Pluck a few thick hair strands out of the bun and allow them to frame your face
  • Apply some hair spray or glaze to hold the hair in place

Amanda Seyfried on the Screen:

Her New Film >> Red Riding Hood Trailer