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Tutorial: Stacy Keibler's Elegant Updo

Stacy Keibler not only captivated Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney but she also managed to appeal to our sense of style. Her casual yet elegant updo with the loosely gathered hair in the neck has all the makings of a hair style with legs. In our hair tutorial below, we tell you how to create your own ritzy updo in this style

It was in the summer of 2011 when millions of women all over the world found their hopes for a romance with George Clooney rekindled. After an almost two-year relationship with Elisabetta Canalis, the most adored man on earth joined the ranks of the bachelors again. It was only three months later when actress and former wrestler Stacy Keibler entered his life and took the heart of the 'sexiest man alive' by storm.

Photographers loved to showcase the newest match made in Hollywood heaven. We are not surprised! The couple certainly appeals to everyone's idea of perfection. He dazzles with his sweet, slightly impish smile and his neatly parted greying temples. Her elfin appearance enchants with softly moving long blonde waves.

Stacy's Elegant Updo Steals the Show

Stacy Keibler's Elegant Updo
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Stacy Keibler's ritzy updo is a perfect fit for her ravishingly beautiful red Valentino evening dress

Stacy Keibler surprised everybody at the Golden Globe Awards when she appeared with her usually long flowing hair artfully draped into an elegant updo. Her ritzy updo was the perfect match for her smashing red Valentino dress and also fit the red-carpet event. Reporters could not get enough of her. Even George Clooney had to leave the lion's share of attention to his new sweetheart.

The elegant updo fits many styles and occasions, which enhances its appeal even more. The softly styled updo with the loosely gathered hair does not only go well with the little black or red dress but with long fancy dresses as well. A bonus is the ease of styling. Even though it appears too good to be true, you can style your hair this way in a jiffy. Below, we show you how to create this hair style at home in a few easy steps.

Tools Needed to Create the Elegant Updo:

Round brush, styling mousse, large-diameter curlers, blow-dryer, teasing comb, scrunchy, hair pins, hair spray, hair gloss, a curling iron if you like to use it

Styling the Ritzy Stacy Keibler Updo

  • After shampooing evenly work a tangerine-sized dollop of styling mousse through your hair. Your hair is now easy to manage and style
  • Pull your hair over a round brush while partially blow-drying it. Then roll strands of the still damp hair on large curlers. Dry the curled up hair completely using your blow-dryer
  • Allow your hair to cool completely before you carefully remove the curlers. With your head upside down, shake your head while pulling the curls into shape using your fingers. You can add volume if you slightly tease the root portion of your hair and apply hair spray to it
  • With the exception of the fringes and the neck hair, gather your hair in the back of your head and twist it into a loose chignon. Use hair pins to secure the chignon
  • Now gather the neck hair, fold it over the chignon and secure it with hair pins. Carefully pull out a few strands of hair and apply some hair spray to them
  • You may like to use the curling iron on the side-swept long fringes for casual elegance without the austere look
  • Extra-gloss hair spray adds lustre and holds your hair in place all evening

Styling Tip for the Elegant Updo

If your hair is fine you should shampoo your hair on the day before you style the updo. On the day after shampooing your hair is more manageable and more likely to stay in place.


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