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Shine On: Tips and Tricks with Shine Spray

Love shiny, glamorous hair? Then shine spray is your key tool for amplified glamor. Glam-in-a-can: discover what it can do for your look

Which shine spray is right for my hair?

Depending on the structure of your hair and how you’re styling it, shine spray must meet a wide variety of criteria. With the right formula, you’re going to maximize your hair’s shine. Does your hair tend to get dry? Then an oil spray is ideal. If you have damaged hair, use a shine spray with a repair formula. This will nourish your hair, making it feel supple and look healthier instantly. If you have fine hair, go for a shine spray with light texture. To secure a lavish updo, we recommend hair lacquer. This provides extra strong lasting hold – absolutely key when you’ve styled yourself a fancy updo. To add a little glamor to an everyday look, hair perfumes with a shine spray element mean your hair will exude a gorgeous scent while looking naturally shiny.

How to use shine spray:

  • Keep your distance! Spray from around a foot away to avoid a sticky mess.
  • Keep moving! Distribute the spray evenly over your ‘do.
  • Manage how much you use by spraying in short bursts.
  • Alternatively: spray it directly on your hairbrush, then brush hair for even distribution of product.
  • Careful! If you’re using an oil-based shine spray, comb your hair before you apply – otherwise your hair may appear stringy.
  • To smooth wisps of hair, spray some shine spray into the palms of your hands and stroke over your hairline.

These hairstyles will love shine spray

Whenever you want to create a glamorous or elegant look, shine spray is an excellent choice. In comparison to hair oil, which naturally gives shine, it’s easier to moderate how shiny you want to go. Shine spray ensures even shine throughout your hair and a shiny finish is what you need if you’re styling: trendy glass hair, a sleek look, a classic updo, a cool wet look, or a retro style à la Dita von Teese. Shine spray can even boost your everyday look without overdoing it. Try it with a sleek ponytail: first, work your hair with a flat iron; then pull back into a cool low pony – or try a high pony for a little drama. Finally, spritz with shine spray to finish.