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Michelle Williams’ Stylish Short Hair

For many years now, Michelle Williams’ wears her hair short. The pixie haircut has become part of her image. Recently, at the US premiere of her latest movie ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’, the highly successful US actress turned heads with a stylish variation of her signature pixie hairstyle. Would you like to know how you can give your short hairstyle such extraordinary appeal? Have a look at the features of Michelle Williams’ hairstyle and learn how to create and wear dazzling short hairstyles

Michelle Ingrid Williams certainly dazzles and enchants her audiences. She took Hollywood by storm and mastered the transition from TV to movie star with hard work and smart career moves. Her list of credits already includes three Oscar nominations. Michelle Williams is not very interested in the Hollywood hoopla. Every now and then, she actually contemplates ending her acting career. In an interview, she mused, “I dream of quitting the acting business and start working as a cook. Maybe I could make a living writing love letters for other people.” These are surprising down-to-earth ambitions considering her remarkable international success.

About Michelle Williams, Courage, and Her Haircut

Michelle Williams’ hair used to be long and blonde before she made the big step to a short haircut. It definitely suits her

For quite a while, the blonde actress kept her hair short. The pixie style may have been invented for her. It gives her a style all of her own. While she had to change back to long blonde waves for her latest movie ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’, it did not take her very long to cut her hair short again. At the US premiere of the movie she appeared with a tame undercut turned pixie. Her new pixie has a few special twists. The hair is only slightly undercut in the neck with the top hair loosely falling over the neckline.

Who Would Look Good Wearing Michelle Williams’ Undercut Pixie Hairstyle?

The look works best for women with narrow, soft-featured faces. The short hair plays up the facial features. High foreheads look less prominent if you wear fringes. If your face is not quite so narrow and soft you may opt for a slightly longer version of this hairstyle to keep your looks on the feminine side.

Michelle Williams’ Short Hairstyle – How to Succeed in Creating the Style

This short haircut can be styled sleek, sweet, elegant, sassy or cool. It is suitable for work, play and home as well as for gala events.

Sleek – Use styling gel to quickly sleek the hair back to the elegant short pixie version.

Sweet – Wear the short haircut with side parting and allow the hair to cover the razor-cut side. Sassy fringes complete the young appearance. It is important to straighten your hair for this style. (Use a heat protectant before straightening your hair.)

Cool – Emphasis on the toned down undercut gives the hairstyle an edgy character. Use volumising powder in the top portion of your hair. Then create a very low side parting and comb the top hair toward the front.

In his video tutorial, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach demonstrates how to style the sleek look.

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