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Kim Kardashian with the Wet Look

A smooth success! The woman who nearly caused the Internet to crash also has another side: Unexcited and purist, Kim Kardashian tamed her famous undulating mane for Variety’s Power of Women event in New York. Her power hairstyle: Ultra-smooth and styled back sleek. How to create the sleek wet look

Kim Kardashian is (mainly) a phenomenon and familiar face on TV since years: In the reality show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', Kim and her family offer unsparing insight into life. Although 'insight' really fails to cover it, since the Kardashians expose everything: Every fight, every waxing session and even the birth of babies. The daily selfie has become a routine for the extended glamour family in the meantime.

But Kim as the Kardashian clan’s superstar is also known for her style: The sinuous star especially likes to emphasise her feminine curves. In fact her imposing bottom has become world famous in the meantime. Her buttocks have become a highlight on the net, at the latest since Kim’s backside appeared on the cover of 'Paper' magazine, fully exposed and covered in oil. The cover title: 'Break The Internet 'Kim Kardashian'. The announcement failed to come true since nothing crashed or collapsed. But the polemic meme hype (= Internet hype) was certainly entertaining for the web community.

Kim Kardashian privately: The dark-haired beauty (after a brief marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries) is married to rapper Kanye West. The two are currently expecting their second baby following their daughter North. Whether it will be named South or East remains uncertain, but Kardashian has already disclosed one secret to the world: It’s a boy!

Kim Kardashian’s Wet Look

Kim makes it wet: Women who put their high profile to use for a good cause were recognised at the benefit gala 'Variety’s Power of Women'. They included Whoopi Goldberg, Lena Dunhanm and – who would have guessed: Kim Kardashian. The 34-year-old has been dedicated to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles for seven years. She not only donates money but also visits the young patients and their parents regularly on site. A great mission.

Kim Kardashian with the wet look

Sleek peak from the side: Kim Kardashian’s smooth look

Not only Kim Kardashian’s mission is praiseworthy, her hairstyle for the evening event was exemplary as well: Simple, elegant and expressive – just what you would expect from a superwoman! Kim’s long, black mane gleamed in the wet look – reputable, cool and modern. With this trend, dry hair is styled so that it looks wet. Commonly wet look is a rather casual, lightly wavy beach style. Kim Kardashian has chosen the wet look deluxe. Here the glossy wet hair is styled styled to the back. For even more style & class. Yet it is simple and fast to create – an undeniably accomplished look! You want it too? How it’s done:

What you need for the wet look à la Kim Kardashian:

A brush, gel or mousse and hairspray

Step by step to the sleek look:

1. Brush the hair thoroughly and smooth it back over the head.

2. Spread a hazelnut-sized amount of hair gel (more or less depending on hair length) on your fingers and carefully work into slightly damp or dry hair from the hairline to the ends. Alternatively you can also use mousse or gel wax to create an even softer look.

3. Brush the hair back a second time and form a diagonal, short site parting. Comb the sides so they lie closely against the head. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you want to emphasis the wet effect.

4. Secure the whole thing with hairspray and blow-dry slightly. Finished!